Just Mobile’s Horizon iPad Wall Mount is Sleek, Secure

The first thing anyone notices about a Just Mobile product is the sleek aluminum design, and the Horizon wall mount for iPads is no exception. This product which works with both the original iPad and the iPad 2 is constructed from high-grade aluminum. It comes with rubber inserts that hold both versions of the iPad firmly in place without the need for brackets. There are separate inserts for the two sizes of iPad.

Horizon iPad mount holding an iPad

The Horizon (7.7 by 0.9 by 1-in), permanently attaches to the wall with screws but the iPad is easily inserted and removed at will. 

Pieces used to hand the Just Mobile Horizon

There is a black rubber dot centered on the front to mark the home button and a dock connector hole in the bottom. The iPad can be placed in landscape or portrait mode. 

View of the docking hold 

The MSRP for the Horizon is US$50, and it can be found at a number of big box and on-line stores.

Using the product

The package includes the screws and a template for those of us who are tool challenged, so it was very easy to hang it. The flat portion is attached first and the holder slides over it. Piece of cake. However, the iPad will not fit in the Horizon with any kind of case on it. The unit is designed to hold a naked iPad securely. There are separate rubber inserts for the iPad and the iPad 2 to insure each size a secure fit. The rubber button in place for the home button works well and presented no difficulties. My iPad felt secure hanging on the wall, much more so than other wall systems that I have tried that use suction cups.

Do I recommend it? 

I do. For those who desire to hang their iPad on the wall this is an excellent option. It is attractive, unobtrusive, and it holds the iPad securely in place.

Product: Horizon iPad mount

Company: Just Mobile

List Price: US$$50.00



Well made, attractive, secure method of holding an iPad or iPad 2 on the wall.


Cannot be used with an iPad case of any kind.