Just Mobile’s Xtand Go Meets Everyones Needs

With the creation of the Xtand Go, Just Mobile has designed a phone car mount that meet the demands of almost any driver. It can be used on a window or on a dash. It can be used with any size iPhone or iPod touch or any other brand of phone. Phones can be in cases or out of cases, and it rotates 360 degrees so any one in the car can see it.

Xtand Go

It is also small and compact, measuring about 3.5-in when all the components are attached and smaller still when some are removed. Its composition is heavy duty plastic and the arms fold and twist to allow full rotation and bending. A phone can be placed for both horizontal and vertical views. The Xtand Go comes in white. The MSRP is US$49.95, but I found it for less than US$30 on Amazon.

To place the Xtand Go on a window the user employes the suction cup, stationing it in an appropriate location and tightening it to the window by turning the bottom piece until it stays in place. Water is not used.

Xtand Go placed on window with suction

To place the Xtand Go on a dash the user removes the suction cup section by simply pushing a lever and pulling it free and then attaching the remaining piece to the dash with an adhesive piece that is included with the package. This, of course, becomes a permanent placement.

Xtand Go placed on dash with permanent fixture

Phones or other devices may be attached three different ways. A phone without a case can be slipped into the clamp. The clamp has a lever that makes inserting and removing easy. The clamp can be removed, again with the aid of a lever found on the main piece of the Xtand Go. 

Xtand Go standard phone clamp

If the Xtand Go is attached to a dash, the suction cup section that has previously been removed can be attached to the top and the suction cup can be attached to the back of the phone just as it would be attached to a window.

Suction cup used on phone

For those who prefer to keep their phone in a case, there is a small clip included in the package that can be attached to the back of their phone case. This clip can be attached to the base of the Xtand Go to hold the phone and case in place once the other options have been removed.

Using the product 

I have to say I love this phone mount. I like the fact that it is so small and compact. It works well with my little car. I was able to fit it on the dash exactly where I needed it to be so I can hear my GPS directions and see who is calling when my phone rings. The design is ingenious. It folds in and out and the pieces come apart and snap together perfectly. As I was testing all the different ways it could be used I was amazed at the design. 

I’ve never before seen a phone mount that works with phone cases or that will continue to work even with phone redesigns. A definite plus. 

Do I recommend it? 

I do. It is well made, sturdy, works with almost all phones and many other gadgets of like shape and size, places where you need it most and rotates for clear viewing.

Product: Xtand Go

Company: Just Mobile

List Price: US.$49.95



Compact, well made phone mount works with or without phone cases.


None noted.