Kensington Ci70 Photo Sync Desktop Set


Kensignton's Ci70 Photo Sync Desktop Set is a keyboard and wireless mouse combo that the company touts as a solution for multimedia users because the keyboard includes a built-in mini USB cable along with an extra USB 2.0 port.

The mouse that accompanies this keyboard operates by laser sensor. The sensor is built into the bottom of the keyboard. The mouse requires two AA batteries that are included and it includes an on/off switch and a low-battery indicator. The mouse and keyboard arrive in a paired state. The only set-up required is to have your computer acknowledge the new keyboard as you must do with the introduction of any new keyboard to your Mac. The keyboard includes a full size keypad.

There are some unique features to this keyboard, not all of which are applicable to a Mac. The most unique is the built in mini USB cable and built in USB 2.0 port that allows you to download images from your digital camera, and sync your music library with your MP3 player. The mini USB port will work with most point and shoot cameras.

The power in the keyboard was strong enough to recharge the battery in my iPhone when I plugged the iPhone cable directly into that USB port. However, next to the built-in USB ports are PC-only five buttons that allow instant access to applications such as email. There is a cover that hides these buttons.

Kensington Ci70 Photo Sync Desktop Set

Personally I like the feel of this keyboard. It is compact in its design, but the keys are full size, with the exception of the Mac-specific Command (Apple) key. It is not as wide as that found on a Mac-only keyboard. There is a forward Delete key, the absence of which is always a deal breaker for me. The keypad is full size, and those who prefer using a keyboard to the exclusion of the mouse will probably be quite pleased to discover there are five keys located above the keypad that allow you to control the sound on your computer as well as move forward, backward, and select songs in iTunes. The sound element in particular is very nice when you are watching a movie in full screen.

The mouse itself is sleek and fits comfortably in the hand. I particularly like the grooved rubber around the sides that allow for a solid grip. It worked smoothly on the normal mouse pad surfaces. I also tried it on plastic, the surface of my computer, my jeans, cardboard, thin paper, and my glass topped desk. The only surface it did not work with was the glass, but I have never yet found any mouse that would work with glass. It maintains a steady glide on all the other surfaces. 

The Bottom Line

This keyboard set offers some nice features, including the mini USB cable for camera attachment, the wireless laser mouse, the built-in USB 2.0 port, and a five year warranty. The price is reasonable and the manufacturer is reliable. Both the keyboard and the mouse have a good feel and are easy to use.


Product: Kensington Ci70 Photo Sync Desktop Set

Company: Kensington

List Price: 69.99

Vendor Price: 69.99



Includes keyboard and wireless laser mouse, built-in USB 2.0 port, full features with compact design, no pairing required during set up, five year warranty plus free tech support, mini USB cable for camera hook up.


There are no clear instructions included to indicate which portions of the keyboard are PC or Mac-specific attributes.