Kensington’s Vesto Leather Texture iPhone 5 Cases Feature Style

Kensington has introduced a new line of cases for the iPhone 5. The Vesto Leather Texture cases offer five unique textured designs attached to flexible but hard plastic cases. The cases have soft, suede-like lining inside to protect the back of the phone and features large openings for the camera function and controls.


The appearance of the Vesto line of cases is a primary feature. Each is designed to simulate an exotic leather of some kind. There are five styles. Two have black trim and three have a contrast color trim.
The following image displays the five styles.

Vesto Leather Texture finish options

The brown leather has a gray/black trim, the teal has a white trim, and the black snake has a soft pink trim. Each case is lined with a suede type fabric that offers protection for the back of the iPhone.

Lining of Black Snake case



The Vesto case feels very sturdy. It grabs the phone and there is no fear that it will fall from the case. It will easily protect from bumps, knocks, and scratches. Protection for the face of the iPhone 5 will require the addition of a screen protector. If the phone is dropped I do not believe it will separate from the case, but this case is not intended to provide protection in extreme environments.

Ease of Removing the iPhone

Inserting the iPhone 5 is quite simple. You just lay it in the case and snap it in place. It is a very snug fit. Nevertheless, it is not all that difficult to remove the phone because there is just enough give in the composition of the case to make it possible to work the case off the phone. I found it easiest to do so on the long, un-notched side where it was easier to get a good grip.

Using the Case

The case is very slim, approximately one-quarter inch and it slips easily into and out of pockets. The leather texture of the case, which folds over the side, provides a good surface hold. The volume controls, camera opening and access to function ports are large and accessible.

Access to volume controls

There is one aspect of using this case that I really appreciate. The case design does not interfere with my ability to text. By that I mean that the edges of the case roll over the top of the case enough to assure a stable fit, but the edges do not interfere with my ability to easily select all the keys on the virtual keyboard - for instance “P”, “Q”, “0”, “””, “1”, and “=“. For someone who must text frequently this is a big plus.

Packaging & Warranty

While the packaging is nothing spectacular for the Vesto line, it does include a hole in the carton that allows prospective buyers to feel the surface of the case and the large expanse of clear plastic allows the buyer to see the whole case. Like all Kensington products, these cases have a lifetime limited warranty.

Do I recommend it?

I do. The cases are attractive, different, and protect my iPhone for every day use. They are also relatively inexpensive.

Product: Vesto Leather Texture iPhone 5 Cases

Company: Kensington

List Price: US$29.99



Attractive, sturdy case protects iPhone 5 from scratches and bumps. Case design doesn't interfere with texting.


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