Kensington’s Laptop Locking Station Offers Extra Protection

It doesn’t matter where you use your laptop, there are numerous times when you have to leave it behind. It is just the nature of our everyday lives. Unless I am teaching a class, I use my Mac at home. I have a burglar alarm, but lets face it, if someone breaks into my house they can be long gone with my Mac before the police can respond. Kensington has introduced the Laptop Locking Station and with it I can add another, much more secure level of protection for $79.99.  And, I don’t have to unplug all the USB and power cords and hide my Mac in a closet every time I leave home.  It’s already locked down.

Kensington Laptop Locking Station In Use

Kensington Locking Station


The Locking Station has an all steel backbone and deflector plates that will resist cutting, drilling and prying. There is also a high-security disk lock. It works with laptops ranging from 13.3 to 17 inches. Once installed the dock allows the computer to rotate (+/- 20 degrees), slide and tilt (-90 degrees to 120 degrees).

There is a 2 year warranty. Also included are the installation screws and keys.

Installing The Product

This product can be installed on any surface to which you can safely drill holes and attach screws. Meaning you probably won’t be able to use it with a glass surface. It requires that 4 holes be drilled. 

There is an excellent video on the Kensington web site that walks you through the installation process. Click on the Product Tour button. If you have the tools necessary to drill the holes and attach the screws, the process takes only a few minutes.

Using the Product 

Your laptop must be open to attach the locking station. You put it in place so that the area between the bottom and lid meet is inside the locking mechanism. Push the two ends of the locking mechanism toward the middle so they are tight, and the computer is locked. 

A key is required to unlock the station. Two keys are included.

Do I Recommend It? 

I do.  There are certainly many advantages to securing your Mac in place. I like the extra features offered that allow the left and right movement and the screen tilt.  I like that there are no cables involved since cables can be cut with the right equipment.  Personally, I like the fact that keys are used to unlock the mechanism rather than combinations.  I have enough numbers to remember already.  And while the price seems reasonable to me, I used my SnapTell iPhone app and found it for $63.46 at

Product: Laptop Locking Station

Company: Kensington

List Price: $79.99



An easy to install product that provides extra security for laptop computers (13.3 - 17 inch) by attaching them to desks or other surfaces to which one can drill holes and attach screws.



None noted.