Kenu Highline Case and Leash Keeps Your iPhone 5/5s Close

With the clumsy and absent minded in mind, Kenu has released the Highline iPhone 5/5s case with security leash. This case and bungie cord combination is composed of a sturdy case, bungie cord leash, and a loop to attach it to your belt loop, purse handle, or anything else that allows the loop to fasten securely.

Highline iPhone 5 case with bungie attachment

In the last two weeks, two of my acquaintances have lost their phone. The first left his in a public restroom when he removed it from his pocket for safety and then forgot to pick it back up. This is the third smart phone he has lost in the past four months. His was not an iPhone, so there was no way he could have used Find My iPhone to retrieve it.

The second left her iPhone 5s in the child’s seat of her grocery cart. She never activated Find My iPhone, so she too was out of luck. 

With those friends in mind, I was interested in reviewing Kenu’s Highline case with leash. The clear, UV coated, snap-on case is made from heavy duty polycarbonate and includes a screen protective rim. The elastic leash is tightly wound and reinforced with braided Kevlar. The Lightning Lock™, which attaches the leash to the case plugs into the iPhone’s lightning port while locking to a tiny notch in the case.  The loop attachment is also made from Kevlar. This product carries a one year warranty and has an MSRP of US$34.95.

View of leash connector notch located on the back of the case

Using the Product

The case is so clear and thin that it is not immediately apparent that you have your iPhone in a case. The bungie cord is quite substantial as is the loop attachment. The case is attached to the bungie via a snap type lock (Lightning Lock™). The bottom portion of the lock mechanism fits into the lightning port. The top portion slides over the back side of the case and is held in place with a small notch.

Inserting the Lightning Lock into the iPhone


While it was very easy to insert my iPhone 5s into the case, it was very difficult to remove it. When I come across this situation I always get a second opinion because my hands are not very strong. The person I asked was able to remove the phone, but stated that it took some effort to do so. 

I had some initial concerns about inserting anything into my lightning port. When I inquired about this issue I was told that Kenu guarantees that their locking mechanism will not harm the port. The iPhone can be charged while wearing the case once the bungie cord is removed.

Actually using the product was surprisingly easy. I attached it to my purse for the first go around because part of me was afraid that it might not work. It was very easy to attach and remove and it certainly made it easy to find my phone in my purse. After that success I fastened it to my belt loop and carried it around that way for three days. It worked perfectly. I was able to keep my phone in my pocket and access it as needed. The bungie cord is long enough and flexible enough to easily expand as needed. 

An unexpected evaluation situation occurred when my two year old grandson grabbed my phone from my pocket in an attempt to play with it. He is fascinated with all things that have buttons to push. I jerked around to retrieve my phone and startled him to the point that he dropped it. Only, it didn’t actually fall anywhere because of the attachment. That was a nice save.

Do I Recommend it?

I do. For those who need such a protection for their phone, this product is sturdy and well designed. At first glance it might seem that the locking mechanism is somehow inadequate, but I did not find that to be the case at all. My iPhone never left my side.  That is a polite way of saying that not once during the testing period did I have to call my iPhone to see where I had left it, or go running through the house to find it to catch a call.

Product: Highline Case With Leash

Company: Kenu

List Price: US$34.95



Case and leash contain iPhone so that it is not lost or damaged.  Bungie cord for ease of use. Product works well and is well designed. Case is slim and almost invisible. Kenu guaranttes the locking mechanism will not harm the Lightning port.


It's difficult to remove the iPhone from the case.