Kubxlab's Ultra Thin iPhone 5 Cases Make Fashion Statements

Kubxlab has released an ultra thin line of iPhone 5 cases that offer ten new fashion designs to help provide scratch protection. 

Kubxlab Ultra Thin Cabaret iPhone 5 case


Each of the ten designs presented in this line have a thoroughly unique design feature. Those that feature wood designs are made with real wood.  The colors are Dark Wood, Light Wood, Brown Wood, Black Lizard, Brown Nubuck (a leather look), Crock Leather, Silver Snake, Gold Snake, Red Snake, and Cabaret.  All of the cases have a texture feel of some kind. The Cabaret, as an example, looks and feels like lace stockings. Each case bears the Kubxlab logo on the outside.

Design options


Each case in this line weighs 5g (0.18 oz) and is only 0.39 mm (0.015-in) thick. (About the thickness of four sheets of paper.)  Made from Polyurethane, the cases are somewhat flexible and, as is apparent from the dimensions, they are not designed to provide protection from drops. However, they are quite sturdy unto themselves and feel as if they will last as long as you have your iPhone 5. 

Ease of Removing the iPhone

Removing your phone is a piece of cake with this case. You just stretch the sides out a bit and pull your phone free. Inserting the phone is equally easy - just pop it in. Once the case is in placed over the phone it has a snug fit and there is no fear that it will come loose.

Using the Case

Your phone will feel like it doesn't even have a case, other than feeling the texture of the various designs. All the port and button openings are appropriately placed. Again, the extent of protection provided by this case is only scratch protection so users should not expect any additional protection.

Ultra thin light wood case

Packaging & Warranty

The cases are packaged in clear plastic which affords a thorough look at the design and composition. The Ultra Thin case has a one year warranty.


Do I Recommend it?

I do. The cases are unique and well built and, at US$29.95, they are inexpensive enough that a fashion conscious person, male or female, can probably afford more than one.

Product: Ultra Thin iPhone 5 Case

Company: Kubulab

List Price: US$29.95



This Ultra Thin case emphasizes style with ten design choices. The cases weigh 5g (0.18 oz) and are only 0.39 mm (0.015 inch) thick. Easy to apply and remove.


Case provides protection for scratches only.