LapWorks iPad 2 Handler Does Double Duty

The Handler iPad Strap and Desk Mount is the latest product release from LapWorks Inc.  It is a unique product for the iPad 2 that provides a stable desk station with an easily detachable hand held component. The Handler, which is made from hard plastic, is only available from the Lapworks web site. The MSRP is US$39.95, but it is currently available for an introductory price of US$29.95

The Handler iPad Strap and Desk Mount front view

The Handler iPad Strap and Desk Mount back view

The desk station has a base radius of 8.5-in which gives it a stable surface when using it for typing or reading (page flipping). The hand held component removes and attaches to the base station easily because the hand held component simply slides down onto the base station where it’s held securely. 

The arm of the base station tilts from straight up to completely flat, allowing for different viewing angles and when mounted on the base station, the hand held component rotates 360 degrees.

One unique feature of the hand held component is the hand fastener. Every other hand held product that I have seen has offered an elastic band to hold the user’s hand in place. The Handler has heavy duty Velcro as the method of holding the users hand in place. This allows for a wide variance in hand sizes.

Another important feature of this product is the ease with which the user is able to insert and remove the iPad 2 from the hand held component. At the top of the component is a knob like feature that the user twists up for insertion and then twists down to lock the iPad 2 in place. The user then reverses the action to remove.

Assorted views of The Handler

Using the Product

There are several design elements that make The Handler particularly user friendly. It’s stable. It’s easy to put the two pieces together and take them apart, and the velcro hand fastener fits any size hand. I particularly like the knob like feature at the top of the hand held component. Anyone, even someone like me who had no strength in their hands, can easily insert and remove an iPad 2. I really don’t like it when putting my iPad into a holder becomes a tug of war. I always make allowances for the fact that everyone is not such a weakling, but it is nice when it simply is not an issue.

The Velcro fastener holds fast. I gave this aspect a heavy duty test (over my bed) to see if it would come apart and it did not. I didn’t really expect it to because of the improvements I have seen in velcro in the last few years, nevertheless, the test was part of the evaluation.

Once the hand held component, holding the iPad 2, is inserted onto the base, it is very easy to raise and lower the arm to the desired height and it is simple to go from vertical to horizontal viewing in that modality. Once placed in position, the component stays in place until the user moves it.

Do I recommend it?

I do. It is sturdy, reasonably priced, does double duty and is easy to use.

Product: The Handler iPad Strap and Desk Mount

Company: Lapworks, Inc.

List Price: US$39.95



Sturdy, reasonably iPad2 base station and hand held combination. 


None noted.