Look Ma, No Hands: It’s spiderArm

The spiderArm system for iPad 2 is composed of articulating arms and two base systems that allow users to safely position an iPad 2 anywhere they want so that it remains in place without being held.

The product includes three anodized aluminum arm sections: 

  • baseArm, 45 degree joint 48 cm length (18.75-in)
  • midArm, 46 cm length (18.125-in)
  • shortArm, ball joint connection knob, 21 cm length (8.25-in)
  • plus two each adjustment knobs

Articulating arms

Also included are two base options:

  • A 3-way base that clamps to tables, desks, counter tops, etc.
  • A surface mount 2-way base with 360 ° radial adjustment (screws included).

Base units

and the secureSnap™ case as shown here:

secureSnap case

The MSRP is US$79.99 with free shipping available for the US and Canada.  spiderArm is available through the company website. The product is warrantied for materials and workmanship for 30 days.


Using the product

When I heard about this product, my first thought was reading in bed without holding my iPad 2. Since I frequently read for two or more hours at a time, I had lovely visions of snuggling under my warm electric blanket and just flipping the pages as needed. Those visions certainly proved prophetic. However, I actually get more use than that out of the spiderArm.

There are two base options and three arm options plus the swivel option that attaches to the case. I fastened the surface mount above my headboard and used a long and a short arm to obtain appropriate positioning. That left me with the clamping base and the third arm which I fastened to my desk. I can simply move the case and the iPad 2 from one place to the other as I desire.

About that case. The iPad 2 must be inserted into the case in a specific way and there are instructions attached to the case to that fact. It was very, very hard for me to securely fasten my iPad 2 in the case the first few times I tried. Once it was in place, it was extremely secure, but getting there was tough. Recognize, along with me, that I have no strength in my hands and put that in perspective, but along with the secure placement, there is some strength required to place the iPad 2 in the case.

The other minor difficulty is that there was some movement noted when I touched my iPad 2 to turn pages. The convenience of having my hands free far outweighed this minor issue, but it should be noted.

Do I recommend it?

I do. No more tense shoulder muscles from holding my iPad 2 at reading height for two or more hours at a time. No more balancing it with one hand while I flip a page with the other. I can sit at my desk now and watch ABC’s Castle on my iPad 2 when I need a break and the iPad 2 will be straight up and down, not tilted. 

The construction is sturdy. Care has been taken to protect furniture with padding where needed and the case is constructed in a manner that the Apple Smart Cover fits. 

Product: spiderArm

Company: spiderArm

List Price: US$79.99



Allows users to use iPad 2 without holding it.


Somewhat difficult to insert iPad 2 into case.