Lumus Work’s FreeSpace App Monitors OS X Drive Space

FreeSpace is a small application with a small price, US$0.99, that does just one thing. It monitors, in real time, the space used and available on the all the drives connected to your Mac. 

This includes your computer hard drive with or without partitions, thumb drives, public folders, even DVD/CDs. Drives are grouped and displayed in their own categories and you can delete any of them (with the exception of the main computer hard drive) with one click, or you can delete all of them at once with a click or key combination. You can also open any drive in Finder by clicking on it in the FreeSpace menu.

FreeSpace is available from the Mac App Store. It requires OS 10.6 or greater and is available in English, Chinese, and Japanese.

Example of FreeSpace with delete option circled

The following image, taken from the Mac App Store, gives a better idea of the various kinds of drives that can be monitored.

FreeSpace sample with multiple drive examples

Using the product

Once the app is purchased from the Mac App store and installed, the user must go to the Application folder and double-click on the application icon to launch it. When that is done, FreeSpace locates itself on the menu bar and is ready to use. Click on the menu bar icon, click on “Launch at Login” and it will always be available. A left mouse click opens it and works the menu.

Having access to the amount of space availability for all the drives is very convenient. I know a number of users who maintain a number of drives, all devoted to different projects and I think they will be delighted with this app. I also am very pleased with the ability to delete drives without having to drag them to the trash can one by one whenever I need to turn off my computer.

Do I recommend it? 

I do. This is a cool little app that is very useful, easy to use, and it’s only US$0.99. What’s not to love.

Product: Freepace

Company: Lumus Works

List Price: US$0.99



Easy to use, inexpensive, and works well.


None noted.