LYNKtec Paintbrush Tip for iPad Drawing Has That Artist Feel

LYNKtec has released a new Artist Paintbrush Tip for the TruGlide Pro stylus. This is a replaceable tip for the original Pro stylus barrel. It's not pressure sensitive, and it doesn't afford finer lines when drawing. Instead, it simulates the traditional soft brush experience that artists appreciate.



Earlier this year, I reviewed the LYNKtec TruGlide Pro stylus as "Smaller Microfiber, Megafabulous" This has been my favorite stylus ever since, and I suggest reading that review if this products interests you.

What's the Story?

On August 29th, LYNKtec introduced a much asked for Artist Paintbrush Tip, a replaceable tip for the TruGlide Pro. It's made of anodized aluminum and comes in black and chrome accent only and is priced at US$14.95. The best way to describe it is LYNKtec's own words.

The Artist Paintbrush Tip is finely crafted of soft, conductive, organic and synthetic fibers and is tapered and tipped to provide a traditional paintbrush experience in the digital environment. It features an anodized aluminum finish and chrome accents to compliment the aesthetics of the TruGlide Pro. At three inches long, the new brush tip extends the stylus into a beautifully balanced instrument that is slightly less than six inches in length.

Artist Paintbrush Tip attached to the TruGlide Pro barrel (black).

There are several things of note here. First, the tip is designed to provide a special feel of a brush on a surface. It's not, technically, a pressure sensitive stylus, and it won't afford finer lines on a drawing app than can be achieved with the standard microfiber tip -- or even your finger. However, there are artists who very much want that special feel of soft bristles on a surface, and that's the purpose of this product.

Shown with iPad 3, Paper app by 53 & TruGlide Pro barrel (silver).

Second, the Artist Paintbrush Tip is just over 2.5 inches (66 mm) and the barrel, which you must already have via the TruGlide Pro, is 3.25 inches (82 mm) for a total length of just under 6 inches (148 mm). I have mentioned in previous stylus reviews how much I appreciate the balance in my hand of a longer stylus in the 5+ inch range as opposed to a somewhat annoyingly small 4 inch stylus. So the new length of this combined product pleases me greatly and may well please artists who appreciate the balance and feel of a 6-inch instrument.

Offer Details

Owners of the original TruGlide Pro will already have the barrel and the microfiber tip. This Artist Paintbrush tip, available only in black and chrome, is available, standalone for US$14.95. LYNKtec is now offering a special bundle: a TruGlide Pro stylus plus the Artist Paintbrush Tip and a metal carry case, for $39.95.

Sizing it up

I have a high regard for this family of products. The TruGlide Pro with a microfiber tip is my daily, go-to stylus, even though it is only 4.6 inches long. The product quality, the feel of the barrel and the microfiber tip outweigh the sub-five-inch length.

I've spent some time with the Artist Paintbrush Tip now, and while it's not for me, I noticed that 1) It feels very good (the intended effect for an artist) 2) the total length and balance of the stylus is pleasing, and 3) it is very well made -- a fine instrument that I would expect to last many years. As I said in the review linked above of its sibling tip and barrel, it exudes quality.

Product: Artist Paintbrush Tip

Company: LYNKtec

List Price: $14.95



Provides that soft brush feel for the artist, adds a bit of pleasing length to total stylus, very well made, part of a replaceable tip family, comes with metal carry case, good price.


None noted.