Mediadevil’s Magicwand Stylus Has A Twist

Mediadevil has introduced a new stylus called the Magicwand. There are a number of good to excellent stylus’s on the market today, and this one should garner a look from anyone who is serious about getting a lot of use from a stylus.  

The product was engineered specifically for the Apple iPad and Apple iPad 2. It includes a clip that allows it to be secured to pockets. It also includes a removable lanyard that can be plugged into the earphone socket to keep the stylus both secure and handy.

The MSRP for the Magicwand is £9.97 (US$12.73). It is available in a matte finish in black, red, blue, and pink.

Magicwand color options

Using the product

I have used the Magicwand for a couple of weeks and am impressed with how smoothly it moves across my iPad 2, even after using it extensively to send text messages on my iPhone. The point of the stylus is not solid, meaning I can touch it and it gives and then bounces back. I’m not sure of the composition and that information is not made available, but whatever it is, it works well. At 4.5-in. long, it fits nicely in my hand.

Magicwand with iPad

The lanyard is an unusual attribute. It allows the user to attach the stylus to the device by pushing the tip into the earphone socket.  I have mixed feeling about this.  When using the Magicwand with my iPad 2, I enjoy this feature because I tend to carry my iPad around my house for reading and I really like this stylus for reading.  It moves so smoothly across the window of my iPad that it prevents finger prints and skipped pages.

Magicwand lanyard in attached position

I also like to use the stylus for texting on my iPhone, but it is not particularly convenient to attach it to my phone. 

Do I recommend it?

I do. It is a well crafted product, reasonably priced, a good size, and useful. I am glad that I have one.

Product: Magicwand

Company: Mediadevil

List Price: £9.97 (US$12.73)



Stylus is well designed, very smooth, and includes lanyard that can be fastened to iPad or iPhone.


None noted.