Moshi’s Zefýr 2 Cooler for MacBooks Is Simply Super

Anyone with a MacBook Pro knows how hot they can get. Up to now, the best solution has been a high end laptop stand that promotes good airflow. Moshi has raised the bar on solutions with the introduction of the Zefýr 2.

MacBook Pro attached to a Zefýr 2

The Zefýr 2 works with the 13, 15, and 17-in MacBook Pro and with the MacBook Air. It is constructed from aircraft grade aluminum and has twin convection funnels that maximize heat dissipation and prevent overheating. It is embedded with USB-powered fans with three fan speeds. The USB plug takes up one of the ports on your Mac, but it includes an additional USB port, so you don’t actually lose use of a port. The unit can be folded for transporting and there is a simple case included for that purpose. The Zefýr 2 measures 13 x 13 x 1.1-in when open. The MSRP is US$80. The unit is available in silver and carries a one year warranty.

Zefýr 2 in folded and open positions

Using the product 

The setup process involves taking the unit out of the box, unfolding it, setting the fans to the desired level (1, 2, or 3), plugging it into the computer, and placing it under the computer. It is important to make sure that top is facing up or it doesn’t do any good. There are two rubberized grips on the top to help hold the computer in place, and that can be your guide if you aren’t sure which is the top and which is the bottom.

I set it to level 3, put it under my 15-in MacBook Pro, plugged it in, and continued working. Within 20 minutes the underside of my computer was cool to the touch. As my kids would say, it was freaking amazing. My MacBook Pro has always run hot. I use it several hours a day and have lots of stuff on it. I never had it on without a stand under it because I want to prolong the life as long as possible. I even carry a stand with me when I have it away from home. Now suddenly it’s cool.

I have been testing the Zefýr 2 now for five days and nothing has changed. My computer, which has not been turned off during that time, is still working perfectly and it is still cool to the touch.

For those who are interested in data, the following graph is taken from the Moshi website.

Measurements taken near upper-left corner casing surface of MacBook Pro 15” during 100%CPU loading.  Equipment: Fluke-65 infrared thermometer. Ambient temperature: 79°F.

Do I recommend it?

Obviously I like this product a lot and certainly I recommend it. Some may consider the cost, US$80, to be high, but if I get more life out of my Mac it is worth every penny to me. The only possible downside is that it only raises my computer 1.1-in off the table surface. Those who require a greater slant as a working surface should consider that aspect when making a purchase decision.

Product: Zefýr 2

Company: Moshi

List Price: US$80.00



Cools MacBook Pros and MacBook Airs.


None noted.