MovieWedge is one of the most ingenious gadgets I’ve ever seen and the most flexible stand I've ever seen for an iPhone. It looks like a tiny beanbag chair with a little lip across the lower front edge to secure your iPhone (or other device). It's so flexible, in fact, that it also works great with any iPod, PSP, Blackberry, or just about any other small handheld electronic device.



(Mediocre photo by Bob LeVitus) 

moviewedge with iPod touch

MovieWedge w/iPod touch

(Mediocre photo by Bob LeVitus) 

moviewedge with iPod classic

MovieWedge w/iPod classic

(Mediocre photo by Bob LeVitus) 

It’s covered in soft pseudo-suede and unlike most iPhone stands and docks, lets you adjust your iPhone to many different angles for convenient hands-free viewing. It’s great for watching movies and works almost anywhere (even on my knee or my belly). 

Plus, it works great with almost any protective case. For example, in the image below my iPhone is sporting its Mophie Juice Pack Air battery/case, but still sits comfortably in the MovieWedge.

iPhone with Mophie

MovieWedge w/iPhone in Mophie Juice Pack Air Battery/Case

(Mediocre photo by Bob LeVitus) 

I use MovieWedge on my desk to keep my iPhone still when I charge or sync it. I use it on airplane tray tables, my leg, my chest, my nightstand, and lots of other places for watching movies. I also use it when I connect a digital camera to my Mac.    

Two tiny complaints: Since it's apparently not sold in retail stores (or isn't sold in stores yet), you will pay around $15 with shipping and handling even though the advertised price is $9.95. Not a huge deal since it's still a bargain at that price. The second nit I have to pick is that it only comes in black. Which is too bad because I'd probably buy at least one (and possibly two) more if they came in different colors. 

The Bottom Line

If you've ever wished you had a good, safe, flexible, inexpensive stand for hands-free use of your iPhone or other small device, your wish has just come true. And (this being the holiday season), at $15 it makes a great and affordable gift for the geek(s) in your life.  

Product: MovieWedge

Company: MovieWedge

List Price: US$9.95



Flexible, provides almost unlimited viewing angles, cute, inexpensive, works almost anywhere, well-made.


Apparently only available direct from manufacturer and so add $4.95 or $4.59 respectively for shipping and handling, only comes in one color--black.