New Trent's iTorch Is a Laser Pointer, Flashlight & USB Charger

New Trent’s iTorch IMP52D is a 5200 mAh battery pack that works with all versions of the iPhone and iPad. It should also work with the iPod touch although it is not advertised to do so. The iTorch also includes a laser pointer and LED flashlight. Included with the product is a micro-USB to USB charging cable and a cloth carrying case. The iTorch IMP52D includes a ten month manufacturer's warranty.

iTorch IMP52D

The iTorch measures 4 x 2 x 0.9-in (10.2 x 5.1 x 2.3-cm), weights 4.4 oz. (124 g)  and can easily be operated by both right and left-handed users. The red laser pointer only stays on for a few seconds. The LED flashlight stays on until the user turns it off. All operations are through one button located on the top of the unit. There are four LED battery life lights located on the top of the unit as well. As the unit itself is being charged the battery lights will blink until completely charged.

iTorch charging an iPhone 5

Using the product

The iTorch fit comfortably in a hand and the operations button is easy to reach and operate with the thumb. The on/off function and the laser pointer works easily and just as described in the instructions. (Hold the button one second for the pointer, two seconds for on/off, and 3 seconds for the flashlight).

However, I found the flashlight more difficult to operate and found that it took several tries to make it work properly. The pointer would come on, or the off function would occur before the three seconds were up. Once I got the flashlight working, it put out a nice steady white light and stayed on as long as I needed to, only going out when I turned it off.

When the iTorch was fully charged, it charged both my iPhone 5 and my iPad mini when each was at 50 percent capacity and still retained 50 percent capacity itself.

The product directions recommend that the battery be charged and discharged once or twice a week, with a minimum of once a month to keep the battery cells healthy. Those who don’t have an ongoing need to recharge their products from a portable charger on a regular basis probably should look for a different option for charging.

Do I recommend it?

The iTorch has some nice features and a nice price. With a clear understanding of what it can do and the maintenance required of the owner, then I am very comfortable recommending it.

Product: iTorch IMP52D

Company: New Trent

List Price: US$39.95



Hand held portable charger works with all versions of the iPhone and iPad and also includes an LED flashlight and red laser pointer.


Some problems with operation of flashlight and high maintence requirements for user.