Newer Tech's GripBase Podium for iPad Is Perfect in so Many Ways

The GripBase Podium from Newer Technology is a light weight, heavy duty podium for iPads and iPad minis. It has a round, solid base that will not tilt and a shaft that extends from 38 inches to almost five feet high with a ribbed twist lock that prevents shaft extension slippage.

GripBase Podium

The GripStand case can also function as an iPad case. The GripBase Podium includes the case for the iPad 2, 3, and 4. GripBase cases for the original iPad and the iPad mini are also available. The cases are interchangeable with other Newer Technology products. The product carries a one year warranty.

GripStand Case

The base of the podium is plastic coated and weighs 12.55 pounds. Once engaged, the top portion of podium offers both tilt and 360 degree rotation.

Tilt view

This product is ideal for recording presentations, displaying music or playlists, conducting Skype calls, filming or other activities for which a user may need an iPad held at a specific height and held completely steady.

Using the Product

The GripBase case snaps in place on theGripBase Podium and removes with equal ease. Even though it is very, very sturdy, I can easily carry the podium with one hand even though I am not very strong.

I conducted an unusual test with this product since it was apparent from just looking at it that it would work for musicians, singers, speakers or anyone else who needs a podium.

I have been wanting to try an iPad app called iMotion HD.  It lets those of us who are not competent with expensive video software play around with stop action stuff. Think about the old Gumby spots on TV where the creators would move something a small amount, take a shot, make another move, take another shot, etc. To do this, you have to have a camera that doesn’t move and yet lets you touch it to take the next shot.

So, I set up my test with two boxes and some slips of paper that I wanted to move from one box to the other, with the lid of the first box opening to let the slips of paper out.

Then I installed my iPad 4 in the GripBase Podium and started the process.

Using the GripBase Podium

As I made each incremental move and then moved out of range, I tapped the iMotion HD app so it would take the next picture. When I finished I used the app to turn it into a QuickTime movie, shown below.

I found that it was very easy to do with the assistance of the GripBase Podium and, considering my competency level, I was pleased with the result. The sturdiness of the GripBase allowed me to tap each change without creating any movement, thereby preventing a fuzzy finished product.

Do I Recommend it?

I do. If you have need of a podium to hold an iPad, you can’t go wrong with the GripBase. To refer back to my title, it is very well crafted, easy to use, easy to move, works for a variety of disciplines and professionals and is very reasonably priced.  The MSRP is US$59.95, but I found it at Other World Computing for US$49.99.

Product: GripBase Podium

Company: Newer Technology

List Price:



Sturdy, well made podium for iPads or iPad mini offers flexibility for height and rotation.


None noted.