NewerTech iFolio for iPad is a Premium Travel Case

The NewerTech iFolio for Apple iPad is an integrated, zippered Brazilian leather folio case for iPad with shoulder strap and room for business (or credit) cards, a pen, and papers. It’s a classy accessory for your iPad.

When it comes to iPad cases, there are already many different types of carrying cases for different needs. Some users just want a rugged plastic coating, as in BodyGuardz, some will want a leather book-style cover and some will want a complete travel solution that can be zippered shut and thrown over the shoulder with a strap. The NewerTech iFolio is the latter.


NewerTech’s Glamour shot

The criteria I had for the review are as follows:

  • The quality of the leather
  • The quality of the zipper
  • The durability of the stretchable retaining straps that hold the iPad in place
  • The security of the retaining straps, that is, the sureness of the grip so the iPad doesn’t fall out
  • The quality of the stitching

iFolio - side-by-side

Side by side on my desk

First, however, here are the benefits, described by NewerTech.

  • Two carry modes: a leather handle and a removable double stitched leather strap adjustable from 24 to 42 inches. (61 to 106 cm.)
  • Nylon zipper and loop for holding a pointing device or pen.
  • Brazilian leather and soft padding. As a result of meticulous attention to detail, the iFolio has a lifetime warranty.
  • Designed to carry everything you need. Taffeta lining in interior pockets.
  • Elastic-backed, double stitched non-marring retaining straps.

The leather has a pebbled texture, giving it a pleasing feel and a good grip. It felt good in my hands, and I judged the leather to be of superb quality. Zippers can often be a problem when the pitch isn’t big enough to avoid binding or early failure. The zipper appears to be just big enough and coarse enough to be long lasting. However, I would have preferred the zipper pitch and size to be a bit larger.

iFolio Stitching

Close up of Stitching

I have my doubts about the durability of the retaining straps, but only long term use will reveal whether they can withstand repeated insertion and removal of the iPad. The lifetime warranty should cover a failure there. In terms of the retention, they are on the tight side, and that’s good. I never felt that the iPad was at risk of falling out. All iPad ports remain accessible.

I was pleased with the thickness of the leather and the stitching. Of course, any stitched leather item is going to wear, and the better it starts out, the longer it will last. I tugged and pulled on the business card slots, and the stitching feels solid.

Zipping it Up

The leather book style iPad cases are minimalist. If you throw an iPad clad with such a cover into a brief case, there will be several additional items to include. However, if you’re of a mind to have many of the things you need inside a single carry case with a shoulder strap, then this is a very good solution.

Most important in my mind is whether the case merits the price of US$99. Compared to other leather cases I’ve seen, and the Incase cover that I own (which cost US$60), I believe the NewerTech iFolio is properly priced. A first class, beautifully constructed device like the iPad deserves a first class carrying case, and I don’t think anyone would be disappointed with the corresponding quality of the iFolio. I recommend it.

The NewerTech iFolio comes in black or red leather. Current time to ship is two days.

Product: iFolio

Company: NewerTech

List Price: US$99



Zippered enclosure, slots for papers, credit or business cards & pen, secure, non-marring retaining straps, soft, pebbled Brazilian leather, leather handle plus (removable, adjustable) leather shoulder strap, lifetime warranty, available in red or black, sturdy stitching.


Zipper could be slightly more robust.