Nuforce NE-700X Earphones Provide Solid Sound

The NE-700X earphones from Nuforce have a solid, well balanced sound and they present with a very sophisticated look that should particularly appeal to adults. The color is called Aqua Silver.

NE-700X Earphones

The stereo earphones work all versions of the iPhone except the first generation and with any other device that supports 3.5mm stereo in 3 or 4 pin plugs. The driver size is 8mm, the frequency response is 20 to 20 KHz, the sensitivity is 105 db +/-3db, and the rated power is 3mW. 

The package includes the stereo headset, three pairs of single flange ear-tips (two each of small, medium, and large size), and a carrying case. There is a one year warranty. The MSRP is US$65.00. I did not find any cheaper prices with an Internet search, but I did find it at

Package Components

The NE-700X does not include a microphone although Nuforce offers a companion product that does include a microphone in the NE-700M. That product sells for US$75.

Using the product

I found the earphones to be comfortable to wear during the several hours I spent testing them. They stayed comfortably placed in my ears which is always a good thing. Following advice I found on the web site, I looped the cable around the ear (from front to back) while walking. That completely eliminated the rustling noise which was present while walking — until I tried this trick.

I thought the base was well balanced and it provided a good presence without being intrusive. The treble was smooth and clear and the mid-range sounded natural.

Do I recommend it?

I do. I like the look of this product and think any business person would be comfortable using them during a business day. The earphones stay in place — always an important element. The sound is good, particularly for the price. After testing them, I was surprised that they do not have a higher MSRP.

Product: NE-700X Earphones

Company: Nuforce

List Price: US$65.00



Well balanced earphones at a reasonable price.


None noted.