NutKase's Leather iPhone Wallet: Style with a Stand

Nothing feels like real leather except real leather, and the iPhone Wallet from NutKase is soft and supple to the touch.  It is also well padded to provide adequate protection for your iPhone 4/4S.

iPhone Wallett from NutKase

This product is available in black or red.  The black version fastens with an elastic band.  The red version uses a fold over magnet grip.

Color and style choices

This case lays flat on any surface with no problems. 

Case holds its place when placed on flat surface

The section that holds the iPhone can be raised.  There is a small stand that can be lifted and placed in one of two slots that will hold it at an angle for viewing.

Using the product

The phone is held securely on all four sides and it is easy to insert and remove it.  All the appropriate ports are easily available and there is a large opening for the camera. 

One of the features is the ability to fold the card side underneath, thereby giving a higher viewing option for the phone as shown in option one in the following image.  However, I found that this position did not work as well as opening the case, laying it flat, opening the stand, and viewing from that angle.  One problem with the first option is that everything must be perfectly balanced or it will not stay in place.  For example when I only had two credit cards inserted instead of three, the balance was off and the phone tipped forward.  The other problem, and this is just aesthetics, if you choose this option frequently, the leather in the seam will start to show strain.

Option 1                                  Option 2

In the following example I selected the flat option, placed the stand in the back slot and was able to easily send a text and watch a movie.

Using the stand feature

Do I recommend it?

I do.  It is well crafted and attractive at a reasonable price.  For those who prefer a wallet case, this is an excellent option to consider as the real leather composition should guarantee long life for the product.

Product: iPhone Wallet

Company: NutKase

List Price: US$34.99



Real leather iPhone wallet is well made and includes a stand for viewing.


Viewing works best with wallet flat on table.