iPad Case From iGear Unlimited is One-of-a-Kind

iGear Unlimited makes iPad cases for the iPad 2 and iPad 3rd generation that are unique in that each is made using your photographs. 

iGear iPad case

The case itself is made from polycarbonate with a rubberized soft-touch coating. It is a heavy duty polycarbonate that does not readily bend.  Hinged at three places, the iPad can be used in any one of five possible positions — lay-flat, slightly raised for typing, and 3 vertical movie-watching angles. The lid has a magnet closure. The inside portion of the case that touches the screen is padded. Here is a video that shows more details of how the case fits and how the hinge system works.

View of the inside of the case, folded as a support

Using the product

I started the process by visiting the web site and reading the directions and requirements. I noted that optimal resolution of 300 dpi would allow for optimal printing and that although I would be able to crop and scale during the setup process, rotation would be fixed so I needed to set that before I started.

I selected a photograph. In my case I chose a beautiful image of the Texas state capitol taken by a friend. This picture is copyrighted.

Selected photograph

I then worked through the very easy to follow process, adjusting the picture as necessary to create the look I wanted. One choice I made was to slightly crop the image to achieve the likeness I found to be most pleasing. I could have chosen to start the process over and reduce the size of the image, but I did not want to lose any of the pixel quality. When I finished, before I paid, I received an image of how the final product would look.

Last proof

It took about two weeks for the finished case to arrive.

Finished product

The finished product has a matte, canvas like, appearance and the design is actually printed onto the case so there does not appear to be any need for concern the that the image will wear off.  It can not peel off by the nature of the process.

Do I recommend it?

I do. It is a nice finished product and certainly unique. A great gift for a new mom or dad and a good promo idea for a business that wants their company logo visible everywhere.

Product: iPad Case

Company: iGear Unlimited

List Price: US$79.99



Unique iPad case features personal photo.


None noted.