Optrix's PhotoProX for iPhone 5/5s Is a Waterproof Case Plus Lenses

The PhotoProX iPhone 5/5s case from Optrix is a well designed case that provides complete protection for an iPhone 5/5s. It is waterproof to 33 feet and can protect up to 30 feet if dropped. The case, which has an MSRP of US$149.95 includes four interchangeable optical grade glass camera lenses which can be used underwater. The case comes with a 30 day money back guarantee

PhotoProX package

The lenses included with the PhotoProX include a flat lens (under water shots), a macro lens, a telephoto lens (2x), and a wide angle lens (175°). All of the lenses may be used under water. Users may download the free Optrix VideoSport app which is designed to improve the quality of action videos.

Lenses included with case

The case has two components. The first is a lightweight, sturdy tray case that the iPhone clips into. It protects the sides and back of the phone and can be used independently for every day use. The second is the polycarbonate unibody. It has a latch door opening at the top the iPhone and tray case slide into.

According to the manufacturer, the PhotoProX is designed and built to a rating of IPX8 which is the highest rating possible for electronic housings. That rating means no damage to your iPhone beyond 3 feet continuous immersion in water. The company claims that in their tests the case has remained secure at 33 feet (10 meters). It has also been tested to protect high levels of impact and has been tested with drops up to 30 feet.

All four of the included lenses feature an all-glass, 3-element construction with an aluminum housing and metal threading for added durability.

Using The Product

It is very easy to insert and remove the iPhone from both the tray case and the unibody case. Once in place the case can be locked which insures the waterproof status. the iPhone can be charged without removing it from the case via a door located on the bottom. The headphone jack is also accessible without removing the case.

Over the camera hole is an adaptor that accommodates any one of the four lenses. There are yellow O-rings included and one sits between the case and the lenses to insure the waterproof integrity. The lenses just screw on and off and it only takes seconds to switch them out.

PhotoProX case

Along with the case, the purchaser receives a thickly lined box designed to safely transport the four lenses and the necessary O-rings. 

Lens case comes with the iPhone case

The packaging for the case and attachments is sturdy and designed to protect the elements while making an attractive statement.


This case is so easy to use that anyone can manage it. It is designed to take the worry out of what could be a complicated process for anyone wanting to take underwater pictures with an iPhone.

Do I Recommend It?

I do. It is an ideal accessory for those who enjoy taking underwater photos but don’t want to go purchase a more expensive camera for use once or twice a year. The construction is solid and the lens are of high quality construction.

Product: PhotoProX

Company: Optrix

List Price: US$149.95



Provides protection for an iPhone in harsh elements and under water. Waterproof up to 33 feet and damage proof up to 30 foot drop. Easy to use. Includes four interchangeable lenses with protective case. 


None noted.