Phillip Ayliffe’s Astrolotease iPhone App Is Fun & Challenging

Phillip Ayliffe’s Astrolotease iPhone app requires good eye/hand coordination and quick fingers, but you don’t have to kill anything, shoot down anything or destroy anything to play it.

The app was released November 28, 2011 and can be found in the Games category of the App Store. It sells for US$0.99 and is available in English only. It requires iOS 5 or later and works with iPod touch, and iPad, as well as the iPhone.

Astrolotease iPhone app opening window

Playing the game

It works somewhat like a slot machine, with three columns. The first contains the name of the 12 astrological signs. The second contains the image of the sign, and the third contains a few words that encompass the personality of many people who are born under that sign. I don’t know about the other 11 signs, but I burst out laughing when I saw the definition for my sign, Virgo. It was way too close to true.


A completed round

Players must work each column one at a time and try to line up each sign in all three columns. The backgrounds are color coded to assist this effort. Players are able to set levels of easy, medium, or hard and the game is timed. Players have three rounds of one minute or up to one minute, forty seconds to match all twelve signs.

There are even buttons that allow players to post their scores on Twitter or Facebook. Let’s just say that I am a long way from posting my scores anywhere.

Do I recommend it?

I do. It is a cute game, well designed and well executed. I have played it for a couple of weeks and have not encountered any bugs or flaws. I like the simplicity and the fact that I can put it down and pick it back up without a lot of bother in the activity. I also like the fact that it involves fast activity without killing, destroying, or shooting. While this is not a selling point for everyone, many of us do prefer it and this app meets that desire.

Product: Astrolotease v 1.1

Company: Phillip Ayliffe

List Price: US$0.99



Easy to play, well developed game.


None noted.