New Trent Alixo Case for iPhone 6: Two Different Fronts and Moisture Protection

New Trent has released the Alixo 6S case for iPhone 6, and it has a couple of nice features. The package includes one transparent hard inner case that shows the Apple logo and two click-on full coverage tops, one in white and one in black. 

Alixo offers two clip-on case fronts.

The way the click-on attachments are designed, the appearance of the front of your iPhone completely changes. 

The tops provide full coverage for the front of your iPhone and include a covered area for the home button. Ports are easily accessed and the opening for the mute switch is deep enough that it can’t be turned on or off accidentally.

The case weighs 1.0 ounce (28 grams). It is 0.4 inch  (10 mm) thick. It is quite easy to insert and remove the phone from the case and to switch out the front covers. You just have to think differently and insert the phone into the cover and then attach the inner case. When both parts are in place the case is both dust resistant and water resistant.

The port around the camera lens is not blackened which means it will not absorb reflections. The case clip-on top includes a thin cover for the home button, and it is easy to use the Touch ID to unlock your iPhone.

View of camera port.

The packaging is standard retail box style and there is no opening to allow interested parties to feel the surface of the case. The URL for New Trent is printed on the box. With an MSRP of US $21.95, this case offers buyers the advantage of overall iPhone coverage and some water resistance at a very reasonable price. There is a limited ten month warranty, but to take advantage of it, buyers must register  their new product within 15 days of purchase. That requirement is not disclosed within the package.  I noted that case is available from Amazon.

Using The Product

Insert the iPhone 6 into the clip-on cover first and then click the cover onto the hard inner case and insertion is a done deal. It is equally easy to remove it. The home button cover works well, and I had no problem using my fingerprint  to unlock my iPhone 6. The hard inner case provides a very clear, clean view of the entire back of the phone. The two clip-on tops really do change the appearance of the phone in a remarkable way. The designers did a good job of creating covers that achieve that goal while not limiting the view of the screen. Dedicated photographers may find the absence of the blackened ring at the camera port a disadvantage, but to those for whom this is not an important issue, the low price and dust and water resistance may be all that matters.

Do I Recommend It?

I do. There are many people for whom a dust and water resistant case that is easy to use and very inexpensive, is a desired product. They should be very happy with this case. The color options are, perhaps just a vanity feature, but there is the fact that if one is damaged in any way, the other can be used as backup. 

Product: Alixo 6S Case for iPhone 6

Company: New Trent

List Price: US$21.95



A hard inner case shows the Apple logo while providing sturdy protection for the phone. Two clip-on covers provide color options and the price is quite reasonable. 


The camera port does not include a blackened ring. One must be alert to the warranty provision.