Pyle Health Thermometer Works with Free iOS App

Pyle Audio  has released a Bluetooth Infrared ear and body digital thermometer that works with iOS devices (iOS 6 and greater) and allows users to take a temperature in seconds without difficulties for the user or trauma to the patient. 

The thermometer works independently, but it also works with the free Pyle Health Thermometer app for iOS.  The app has a built-in memory function that saves the last ten readings. Those wishing to take advantage of the app must install it on their iOS device of choice. Once the app is installed, the Bluetooth connection that allows the device to speak to the app is established instantly with no effort on your part.

App logo

The device automatically turns off after 60 seconds of non-use to conserve the battery. The 3V battery is included. Results are available in Celsius or Fahrenheit. The thermometer is available in pink, blue, or gray.

Thermometer color options.

Pyle’s digital thermometer weighs 4 ounces  (113 grams) and is 5.5 inches (14 cm) long. It fits nicely in your hand and the options are easy to access and use. The MSRP is US$122.99, but I found it on Amazon for $39.99.  There is a one year warranty. The package includes an instruction sheet and a protective cap for the thermometer. The company URL is displayed on the package.

Operating the thermometer.

The thermometer can be used completely independent from the app, but if the app is used, a record must be created for each person. The new user info page requires a name, gender, birthday, age and height. 

Individual information window.

After the record has been created, the user can select thermometer from the measure page. Users should tap on the settings icon to set the measurement parameters to Celsius or Fahrenheit for the temperature and inches or centimeters for height. Taking the temperature takes only seconds and it is recorded on both the device and the app. If you select save on the app, the temperature will be added to the page you have previously created for that individual.

Select the temperature option.

Using the Product

This thermometer is very easy to use. I like the fact that it is not tethered to the iOS device as some others I have seen, because you don’t have to hold a device in one hand and the thermometer in another. The temperature registers before your child (or cranky adult) can even react. The thermometer is very light in weight, but it feels sturdy. I tested this thermometer against a standard mercury thermometer on five people and the results of the Pyle device were consistently accurate. The instruction dictate that you wait one half hour to use the thermometer if it is moved from one room to another.

I have one minor issue with the app. When creating a new record, the user must fill out every field, including height.  Am I supposed to force a child with an earache to stand still while I measure him or her?  Anyone who thinks that is not a problem has never dealt with a child with an earache. If I choose to put in an arbitrary height then it has no long term value. Besides, I don’t think a person’s height has any impact on their temperature.

Do I Recommend it?  

I do. I wouldn’t pay $123 for it, but at US $40 it is quite worth the price. It is easy to use and accurate. Because of the protective cap it can be carried in purse or bag without damage although the rule about waiting half an hour to use should be taken into account. There are no moving parts that a child could remove and it is not necessary to clean the tip between uses unless the temperature is taken in the ear.

Product: Health Thermometer

Company: Pyle Audio

List Price: US$122.99 (much less at Amazon)



Easy to use digital thermometer can be used independently or with the free app that will retain readings for later use. Temperature is recorded quickly. Thermometer will measure temperature from the ear or forehead for either children or adults.


Height must be recorded on the app before an individual record can be created. It seems that that field is arbitrary.