Poldera’s iKeep Holds Your iPhone Close

At Macworld yesterday I was introduced to a brand new product from a brand new company. The product is called iKeep and the company is Poldera LLC. They are in the process of testing and releasing several products, but the iKeep caught my eye because of it’s simple, functional concept. It provides a way to keep up with your phone yet have instant access to it when needed.


The iKeep, which sells for US$19.99 through the company website is about the size of an average US business card - the same length, but not quite as wide. It is made from plastic with a tight clip closure that can be opened/closed with one hand. It is available in seven colors.

iKeep color options

Using the product 

The clip space on the iKeep is large enough that it will easily accommodate a number of handbag options and could even fit over narrow belts, although not as comfortably as through a simple belt loop. I tested it on the showroom floor among the vast horde of Macworld attendees and was glad to have the extra protection of keeping my iPhone secure. Once I fastened it to a belt loop, I adjusted the retractable cord just enough to place the phone in my jeans pocked where it remained unless I needed it.

iKeep in use

The iKeep attaches to the iPhone at the recharge docking point and easily accommodates iPhone or iPod touch cases. Since I happen to have several iPhone cases available I was able to check it against soft and hard cases and none presented any problems. 

Do I recommend it? 

I do.  If you worry about loosing your phone or touch, or if you forget to take it with you when you should, the iKeep may be just what you need. It is sturdy and the retractable cord works well.

Product: iKeep

Company: Poldera LLC

List Price: US$19.99



Helps prevent loss of iPhones and iPod touch’s.


None noted.