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At Macworld yesterday I was introduced to a brand new product from a brand new company. The product is called iKeep and the company is Poldera LLC. They are in the process of testing and releasing several products, but the iKeep caught my eye because of it’s simple, functional concept. It provides a way to keep up with your phone yet have instant access to it when needed.


The iKeep, which sells for US$19.99 through the company website is about the size of an average US business card - the same length, but not quite as wide. It is made from plastic with a tight clip closure that can be opened/closed with one hand. It is available in seven colors.

iKeep color options

Using the product 

The clip space on the iKeep is large enough that it will easily accommodate a number of handbag options and could even fit over narrow belts, although not as comfortably as through a simple belt loop. I tested it on the showroom floor among the vast horde of Macworld attendees and was glad to have the extra protection of keeping my iPhone secure. Once I fastened it to a belt loop, I adjusted the retractable cord just enough to place the phone in my jeans pocked where it remained unless I needed it.

iKeep in use

The iKeep attaches to the iPhone at the recharge docking point and easily accommodates iPhone or iPod touch cases. Since I happen to have several iPhone cases available I was able to check it against soft and hard cases and none presented any problems. 

Do I recommend it? 

I do.  If you worry about loosing your phone or touch, or if you forget to take it with you when you should, the iKeep may be just what you need. It is sturdy and the retractable cord works well.

Product: iKeep

Company: Poldera LLC

List Price: US$19.99



Helps prevent loss of iPhones and iPod touch’s.


None noted.

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Very grave concerns about this product. I don’t know if the plug is mechanically strong enough for all the twisting and pulling that it will get as you pull it in and out of your pocket. I don’t believe it was designed to be anything other than a socket where a plug connects either on the end of a limp cable or in a docking station where the only load will be the weight of the phone.

I’d be very cautious about this one.


That’s the first thing I thought of, too. I could definitely see a few swings, a little too hard, forward or back, resulting in a malfunctioning dock connector port. I seriously doubt Apple would agree to fix or replace a phone if it was ‘physically abused’ in such a way. I.e. I wouldn’t even consider one of these.



I share the above concerns. The concept of the retractable cord and clip is great, but would be better served attached to a case, and not to the docking port.

Jeff Butts

I’m going to weigh in supporting the above comments. I’ve seen what happens to the docking port on an iPhone when pressure is exerted on it repeatedly…and it ain’t pretty. In my opinion, it’s a major design flaw to rely on an electronic connector as a physical tether like this.

Lee Dronick

I also share the concerns about it not being the best way to go as a phone fob. Perhaps a case with an attached lanyard.

Was there a lot of iPhone goodies on display?

Nancy With Bifocals

Having actually used this I have to disagree with the concerns about stability.  Were you to let your phone simply hang loose by the connector then, yes, your concerns would be valid, but the concept is that the phone stays in a pocket or purse while clipped to the iKeep. And the retractable cord is quite sturdy.  I was not able to tangle it, even when I tried.


Ideally an iPhone, iPod Touch or even an iPad would have a small loop or eyelet where one could attach a lanyard or cable. I am using an opening in the case to tether my iPhone.

Apple, are you listening?


Been using the Ikeep for months and I know designer, saved me hundreds of dollars from brook phones. I always lost my phone left my phone at the office and now I never do, and never had a problem with the ikkep -so I invested in the product.!,,
Everyone who has used it loves it., easy and safe way to keep your phone from being lost,  and should be a great asset to apple.
Would they rather have broken, lost, water dropped, and complaints from every who drops thier phones?? This helps you, try it you will see!,
everyone who cracked there phone today !by dropping or every person that had to purchase another brand of phone because they could not keep ther child from losing their phone will love this.
We are hoping to keep apple customers with Apple, as they are the best!!

Lee Dronick

but the concept is that the phone stays in a pocket or purse while clipped to the iKeep

I have had mine slip out of slacks pockets when sitting (usually while on the throne), though not while wearing denims. My wife has had hers fall out of an open top purse, but has learned her lesson and has changed purse design. Anyway both of keep ours in cases.

I am sure Nancy would not endorse a product that could damage the iPhone. However, I would have to test the iKeep on an iPhone, someone else’s iPhone before buying it. I still have concerns about damaging the port, with the plug in there could be a leverage force applied to it. True that could happen when it is removed from a dock, I am very careful when doing that.

I like to keep my iPhone in a belt pouch so I don’t have to stand up to withdraw it from a pocket.


saved my life using this product, I have a heavy case and it stays connected perfectly!  Today I would have left it in the cab but luckily I had just purchased one of these I keeps!
Definately recommend this product before having any harsh judgments!


just bought one of these today and definitely is worth it! It has already saved me from leaving it in the cab today and any concerns about the ability of this product to handle the weight of a heavy case should not be worried because I have a very heavy case and it is perfect! Love the ikeep! Best product I saw today… Worth it

Lee Dronick

Just we are clear here. My concern isn’t about leaving my iPhone somewhere, or losing it.  I am worried about damaging the phone’s dock port.


I own one of these ikeeps and have had it for about 45 days. The adaptor pin is hollow with the ends having the same clip on attachment as the old Apple charging clips. It holds the phone on the inside of the phones outer shell and does not touch the charging unit due to the hollow core of the iKeep. Mine has worked fine for the time I have owned it. No problems. I am hooked on the security of the devise as I have lost 3 phones and broken 2 screens. Nice product. They have a charging iKeep also. That’s next.


Jeff butts, you have no idea what your talking about.. You unprofessional bloggers think you know it all. This ikeep saved me from leaving my iPhone serval times. I would recommend this product to all iPhone and iTouch users. Stay attached!

Lee Dronick

Well I prefer a real lawn, AstroTurf doesn’t appeal to me, I am leaving this discussion.


Lee: AstroTurf doesn?t appeal to me

I agree with your perception. After raising a very reasonable concern,  Astroturfers answer with “testimonials” that ignore that concern.


I have been reading some of the above concerns about the way the ikeep sits in the phone. I have been an ikeep user now for a couple of months and I have not had a single problem with the device. The device does nothing different then what the normal charger would do to the phone on a day to day use. It is not like there is a continuous tug and pull on the phone. I work at Best Buy in the mobile dept. and my customers are always complaining about dropping their phones and I see the cracked screens on a day to day. I don?t see the reason for all the concerns. The phone sits in my pocket or my purse. I am still able to use it to talk on the phone, text and play the addicting game Temple Run (lol)  and do whatever else I need to do on my phone. My charging port is fine just like it came out the box. The ikeep has saved my phone numerous times from being dropped coming out the car, walking and texting on the street, and getting bumped into by those rude people who don?t know how to say excuse me (ugh). My ikeep saves me money and gives me peace of mind. Plus everyone knows someone or has left their phone at the bar or in a cab after drinking…not me!!!! The ikeep is my money phone saver! I *HEART* MY IKEEP!!!

Michael Brand

If this product was so useful, would the company need to SPAM me 5 times a day for the last week?

Only imitation and inferior products are sold via SPAM.

Don’t trust this company. They don’t even list a phone number on their website, probably to avoid all the calls regarding their spam.

April Larsen

Love the concept, but definite concerns with using the port on any phone.  As a result, please consider a SHEP bungee… Video of use can be seen on www.facebool.com/SHEPbungee or visit www.SHEPbungee.com.  ANY Apple iPhone or Android CELL phone or small tablet CAN BE tethered…  Hope you find this information is helpful.

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