Pong’s iPad Case Is Unusual & Pricy

Pong Research Corporation’s new iPad Case offers some unusual features. Embedded inside the case, a 3G/4G and WiFi coupled antenna system optimizes the iPad’s signal and range. It also reduces exposure to cellular and Wi-Fi radiation for those who have a concern about that issue. It’s designed for the new iPad or iPad 2. There is a ifferent model for the original iPad.

Pong iPad Case - Different Views


The top flap of the case is composed of soft faux leather, and it puts the iPad to sleep when closing and wakes it up when opening. The back of the case is a very hard plastic. The origami style cover can be folded into six different configurations. The case is available only in black. The MSRP for the Wi-Fi case is US$119.90 and US$129.90 for the Wi-Fi and 3G/4G version.


Pong iPad Case Cover Setting Options

The case was tested through independent laboratory tests certified by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) that shows that this case enables the iPad to deliver up to a 10X increase in cellular signal strength over any other. It also improves Wi-Fi reception up to 9 times over other cases and increases the range by a factor of 2.

Using the product

I carried this case around for a couple of weeks, testing Wi-Fi reception and range. My iPad is Wi-Fi only. Although I certainly noticed an increase in reception, I have no way of determining the level of improvement. 

The case is very strong and sturdy and holds my iPad firmly in place. At the same time, It is not difficult to remove it from the case when necessary. The origami style cover works quite well, holding whatever position I select. Although not featured on their web site, I think the soft suede lining on the top flap is very important because it provides a fine protection for the face of my iPad.

Looking down with view of suede lining and port openings

Two other nice features have to do with the case itself. One is that the case perfectly fits the form of the iPad and the other is that the openings for all ports, speaker, connectors, etc., are large and easy to work with. Another thing I noticed is that the case is not susceptible to scratches on either the front or back.

Do I recommend it?

I do if the specific features available in the case are important to you and you don’t mind paying for them. Certainly the case is well crafted and should hold up to rough treatment.

Product: Pong iPad Case

Company: Pong Research Corporation

List Price: US$119.90



Case improves cellular signal and Wi-Fi reception.


Price is steep.