PowerPot Uses Heat And Water To Charge Your Devices

PowerPot from Power Practical is a unique thermoelectric generator that converts heat into electrical power using water and any available power source, even actual fires. It allows you to charge your iPhone, iPod touch or iPod nano in most any situation. The heat source can be a camp stove, a fire, or any emergency fire source you might have. It emits five watts of on demand power and can charge a cell phone in 60 to 90 minutes.

Power Pot

The PowerPot includes a standard USB port and a three-foot flame-resistant cable. There is a solid-state voltage regulator which provides enough power to run speakers, lights, fans, and other low-power USB appliances in addition to your iPhones and iPods.

Power cable

The unit also includes a lid that can convert to a cooking receptacle, a USB five LED light, a 3 -in-1 cable and a mesh bag for carrying.

The complete package

The 3-in-1 cable does not include an Apple Lightning connector.

3 in 1 cable

The PowerPot and accessories weigh 18.2 oz (516 g). It has a capacity of 46 oz (1.4 liter) and measures 4.5 x 8-in (11.4 x 20.3-cm) with lid. There is a limited lifetime warranty. The MSRP is US$149.00.

Using the Product

It is very easy to use and it did indeed charge my iPhone 5s in little over an hour. Sixty eight minutes to be precise. Since it does not include a lightning connector I had to use my own, but that really was a very minor issue. Since my homeowners association frowns on campfires in the back yard, I used my gas stove to test it. I filled it to the marked line with water and most of the water was gone by the time my phone finished charging. It was at about ten percent when I started.

For those who consider it imperative to be able to also charge an iPad in less than ideal conditions, Power Practical plans to release a 10 watt version in the next few months.

Do I Recommend it?

I do. To put it in the simplest form, this product could help effect a rescue should one be needed. In less dramatic terms, it will allow users to communicate from camping, fishing, or hunting locations as long as there is an available cell signal. If I or my family lived on a coast or somewhere where flooding or tornados were a danger, I would make sure the affected family members had one of these for their own security.

Product: PowerPot

Company: Power Practical

List Price: US$149.00



Can charge iPhones or iPods using water and a heat source, say, a campfire. Includes flame resistant cable. Can be used to cook if needed. Not very heavy at 18 ounces.


Does not include an Apple Lightning charger cable. Designed iOS devices that use a 5W charger system.