Profectus's iPhone Wallet/Case Is Well Made and Butter Soft

Profectus has created buttery soft, suede leather wallet/cases for the iPhone 4/4S and the iPhone 5.


These cases come in either pink suede leather or gray suede leather. Each has two card slots on the outside. The slots are adequately distanced, making it easy to remove cards when they are needed. The cases are hand-crafted to fit either the iPhone 4/4S or the iPhone 5 and the two colors are available in either size.

Profectus iPhone Wallet/Case


These cases are quite well crafted. The suede leather is thick enough to provide some cushion and the stitching is done with heavy duty thread. While the case is not designed to provide heavy duty impact protection, it will, in most instances, protect a phone that is simply dropped while wearing the case. The top of the case is open to allow the phone to slip in and out, so it is possible for a phone to be dropped and land in a way that it could be damaged. However, because of the composition of the case, the phone is held very securely and will not simply slip out.

Ease of Removing the iPhone

The iPhone must be pushed into the case gently and removed with a slight tug because the case fits snuggly around the iPhone. The inside of the case is finished with a finer faux suede that helps keep the screen clean and scratch-free while holding it in place.

Using the Case

This case fits nicely into jeans pockets, small pockets in purses or cases, or even inside the jackets of men’s dress suits. The style allows earphones to be used while the phone is encased.

Using earphones

A user will have to remove the phone from the case to talk, text or use apps. There is no access to any of the ports, volume controls, or sleep/wake button while the phone is in the case. It is strictly designed as a means of protecting the phone while in transit. It is a simple matter to remove the phone for charging and other necessary functions, but that is an element that might be very important to some users.  

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Packaging & Warranty

The Profectus cases are sold directly from the company website or etsy and do not include retail packaging which contributes to the lower cost. The cases offer a 30 day limited warranty against defects in material or workmanship.

Do I recommend them?

I do. The Profectus cases offer an attractive, low cost, and safe protection for iPhones for anyone who is comfortable with a slip-in style case. The slits for cards are large enough that it does not take a pair of pliers to remove your cards so it is a good way to grab and go when that fits your life style.

Product: Profectus Wallet/Case

Company: Profectus

List Price: US$25.00



Well crafted, soft suede leather wallet/case provides good protection and holds two cards.


User must remove the iPhone from case to make calls, text or use apps.