Q Card Case for iPhone 6 Plus Uses Credit Card Slot as Kickstand

The Q card case for iPhone 6 Plus from CM4 has a place for three cards/cash, provides what appears to be good drop protection, a screen protector, and is available in five colors. There is a very clever slot built into the case that allows you to use a credit card to create a kickstand with two position options. If you think about the design of an iPhone case with card storage options, you will understand that the inclusion of a kickstand function is very unusual.

A screen protector and a micofiber cleaning cloth is provided. The front edges of the case fold over slightly to provide protection when the case is placed face down of a surface. 

Q Card case for iPhone 6 Plus.

The case is made from a patented soft-touch rubber with fabric lining. The case weighs 1.6 ounces (45 grams) and is ⅜ inch (1.0 cm) thick. Buttons are covered and port openings are properly lined up. The case is sturdy and the stitching and openings are neat. The port for the  camera has a blacked edge to absorb reflections.  The Apple logo is not visible with this case. Users can charge the iPhone or attach headphones without removing the phone from the case. The MSRP is US$39.99, and there's a one year warranty. 

View of camera port.

The case is available in five colors:  black onyx, champagne gold, pacific green, gunmetal gray and red rouge.

Color options

The packaging is very attractive and showcases the product nicely. The top of the package flips open to reveal the case. The case is enclosed in a clear plastic holder with an opening that allows the shopper to feel the surface. That clear plastic holder is held together by two snaps, making it extremely easy to extract the iPhone case. The package does not contain company contact information, but it does provide visual cues for using the product.

Using the Product

It is easy to insert and remove the phone from the case. The buttons are covered and the opening for the on/off ringer switch is recessed enough that users won’t accidentally move the switch. The buttons are easy to push within the covers. 

The card slots are of a nice size, a side effect of the larger iPhone 6 Plus. The kickstand feature is well designed and easy to use. When not needed, the slot is almost invisible and it does not get in the way when inserting anything in the slots. To use the kickstand feature you take one of your credit cards and insert it into the slot. Either of two viewing positions can be accessed by turning the case in different directions. I noticed that when I tried to switch between viewing positions the card tended to slip out of the slot, but this shouldn’t be a problem for the average user who will be content with one position while in use.

Kickstand view options.

The case is thin enough that most people will be able to easily carry the case in pockets that are of an appropriate size. However, most people in my acquaintance who prefer iPhone 6 Plus cases are not interested in carrying them in their pockets.   

This case is very reasonably priced and should hold up nicely to daily use. Some of the colors are available at Amazon for US$31.99 with free shipping for Prime members.

Do I Recommend it?

I do.  It is well made and attractive. The cost is reasonable and the card slots are of a good size. According to the web site, the slots will stretch a bit with use, but just enough to make it easier to insert and remove cards/cash. The iPhone fits securely in the case and it is lightweight.

Product: Q Card Case for iPhone 6 Plus

Company: CM4, Inc.

List Price: US$39.99



Case is attractive and useful and the kickstand adds a feature not usually available in cases that include outside card slots. The case fits well and all the openings and buttons can be easily accessed as needed. An iPhone can be charged without removing the case. Cpmes in five bright colors.


None noted.