Q Card Case for iPhone 6 Includes Slot for Cash, Credit Cards

CM4, Inc has released the Q Card Case for the iPhone 6 that will appeal to those who want a minimalist mien about them when out and about. This case protects the back of the phone while allowing the user to carry up to three credit cards and some cash tucked into the case.

It's very slim. The bezel protects the front of the phone from touching any surface. The case is available in three colors, pacific green, champagne gold, and black onyx. The case is made from rubber and plastic. The empty case weighs 1.2 ounces (34 grams).

Q Card Case.

The MSRP is US$39.95 and there is a one year warranty included. At the time of this review the pacific green and champagne gold were available, but the black onyx was on back order until later in October. The companies URL is printed on the box. The box is a very nice design with a front flap that opens to give the viewer a complete look at the case as well as the option to feel the finish. The smooth curves of the edges of the case match those of the iPhone 6.

The package includes a small microfiber cleaning cloth.

Using The Product

The case is quite flexible and it is easy to insert and remove the phone. It is fairly easy to insert up to three credit cards and there is an opening at the base of that pocket that allows the user to push up to remove the cards. I found that I had to remove all three cards to access the one I wanted.

Case loaded with three credit cards.

The mute button is protected by the case. This prevents the iPhone's mute from being turned on or off when you slip the case into and out of your pocket. I tested the quality of the flash guard around the camera lens and found that it does not inhibit the images in any way.

I would recommend that purchasers of this case add a screen protector as I don’t think the case design offers quite enough protection. 

In my opinion, I don’t particularly care for the looks of the finish on this case. The stitching is excellent, but my first thought on seeing it was it looked like it was made of rubber—which it is. However, that may not be of any concern to others who value the convenience and price of the case.

Do I Recommend it?

I do. For all those folks who spend time in large social gatherings and only want what they need that they can keep on their person, this is a good choice. It holds three cards and cash, it provides good protection for the phone, and it is an inexpensive option.

Product: Q Card Case

Company: CM4, Inc.

List Price: US$39.95



Holds cards and cash as well as protecting the iPhone 6. Minimal, yet well made and sturdy. Packaged in such a way that the potential purchaser can touch and evaluate the case.


 Could benefit from a screen protector. Rubber seems inelegant.