QuickSale App Works For Fund Raisers or Business

The QuickSale app from IntelliXense is available for both iPad and iPhone. I am reviewing the iPad version.

QuickSale app icon

This app keeps track of your sales invoices, balances and payments for both items and services. It allows you to apply discounts per item or globally per invoice in currency or percentage, add notes to invoices for your records, accept partial payments and send invoices, estimates, and quotes. You can create templates for your forms. There is also an ability to produce written invoice records.

QuickSale is found in the Business section of the iTunes store and was released December 21, 2010. It is available in English only. The iPad version requires iOS 3.2 or later. The  standard version of the app is US$9.99 and most of the capabilities are included in that version, but if you want to use it for more than one business or take advantage of some customized features, then you have to consider the Pro or Premium versions. Users can choose to add an editing only feature to the standard app for US$0.99. The editing only feature and the Pro and Premium versions must be purchased as an in-app purchase.

As a summary, the pricing structure is:

  • QuickSale Standard - US$9.99
  • Editing - US$0.99
  • QuickSale Pro Upgrade - US$9.99
  • QuickSale Premium Upgrade - US$24.99
  • Upgrade from Pro to Premium - US$14.99

Using the product

There is an easy to use Demo that accompanies the standard app and I took advantage of it to swiftly get an overall idea of how this app works.  Following that, I purchased the premium upgrade version, using the in-app system which is accomplished by touching the settings button and then the Add New Features Button.

I set up two real companies. Managing more than one with the software required the premium upgrade version. One company is for a non profit to sell t-shirts.  The other is for a web design and hosting business. The two companies have very different needs. The first has inventory, takes credit cards, gives discounts for cash payments, collects no taxes, and needs to provide paid invoices to purchasers. It also needs a clean, up-to-date, inventory, that can be accessed and reviewed by board members at any time.

It also takes dues payments in two categories, each of which has a sub-category.

I followed the guidelines from the built-in tutorial and found that it was fairly simple to create the forms and system that I needed. I was delighted to discover that there is a “duplicate item” option to access while building the inventory. It saved lots of time when entering t-shirts where the only product difference was different sizes and/or colors. Images of items can be entered for fast identification if the images are available in your iPad photo library.

Following are images of some of the windows and forms that I created and used.

Inventory setup

Current inventory summary

Inventory report to board


The second business, the web design and hosting business, presented a different set of requirements.  I needed to be able to offer an estimate, an invoice, and a record of the business transactions.

Sample estimate

Sample invoice

All versions of QuickSale are equipped to work with credit card processing systems although at the time of this review I did not have access to any system with which to test it.

Do I recommend it? 

I do. I really like and respect this app.  Particularly looking at it from the needs of both a non profit and a small business owner.  Non profits have boards and volunteers and from several years of experience I know how hard it is to coordinate many projects while making sure money is properly handled.  And, if volunteers don’t get the support they need, they stop volunteering.  This simple app, combined with a credit card processing app, is going to change how our large Mac users group, which has no permanent location, does business.

The small business evaluation that I was able to give was limited but real, and it is apparent from working with QuickSale that service businesses can get as much benefit as can sales businesses.  US$9.99 is a small investment to make to discover if a business app will meet your needs.

Product: QuickSale

Company: Intellixense

List Price: US$9.99



QuickSale App for iPad is a great free app that will allow you to manage a once a year fund raiser or, with an upgrade to the pro version, control all aspects of your small retail or service business.



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