Quirky's Keeper iPhone 5 Case & Wallet Needs Work

The Keeper iPhone 5 case from Quirky takes a different approach to a combination case and wallet, placing the wallet outside the case itself.

Keeper iPhone 5 case - front and side views


The case is a simple plastic snap-on case with the wallet attached to the outside. The wallet has the look and feel of a traditional men’s wallet with a place for a license on one side and two slots for cards or cash on the other. There is a snap to hold the top and bottom portions of the wallet together.  The case is black and the wallet is brown with off white stitching around the inside and outside.


This case does not give one a feeling of sturdiness. The inside of the case is not lined, and as is evident from the following image, the wallet is held in place with seven single stitches which will be in direct contact with the back of the phone. The snap appears to be very secure, but the stitching in the review unit was uneven and rough in spots. If a dropped phone landed on the wallet side it would probably have some protection, but if it landed on the case side it is quite possible that damage would occur.

Inside view of case

Ease of Removing the iPhone

It is very easy to both insert and remove the phone from the case, even when cards have been added to the wallet. Access to all necessary ports and buttons is present and all are easy to use.

Using the Case

The concept of an actual wallet on the outside of the case is a good one. For instance, the ability to simply flip open the wallet to show an ID without having to remove it is very handy, and my drivers license was easy to insert and remove from the designated window. The top slot for cards was also easy to use and a card was easy to insert and remove. The bottom slot does not work well for cards. It is not wide enough and I had to try several cards before I found one that would even fit. However, it should be sufficient for folded cash.

View of open wallet

Packaging and Warranty

The packaging for the Keeper phone is quite nice. A prospective buyer is able to view the case through a thick cellophane window.

Do I Recommend it?

Before I can recommend this particular case, I would like to see some improvements in the design, such as more secure stitching for the wallet, card slots that hold standard size cards, and an overall more finished appearance.

Product: Keeper iPhone 5 Case

Company: Quirky

List Price: US$34.99



Unique concept places actual wallet on outside of iPhone 5 case. Easy to access ID and cards/cash.


Needs work on design and workmanship.