Rain Design's iSlider Is a Cool, Portable iPad Stand

Rain Design has created the iSlider,  an iPad stand that offers some unique features. It is lightweight and fairly small, 5.5 x 3 x 1-in  (140 x 77 x 25.4 mm).  It folds flat, and it will hold an iPad or iPad mini wearing Apple’s smart case and smart cover. The iSlider is made from Anodized sand blasted aluminum. The package includes a carrying case that fastens with a velcro closure and two small adaptors that can be used when using with the smart case or cover. The iSlider has a one year limited warranty.

iSlider closed

iSlider open

The iSlider works with the iPad in either horizontal or vertical mode. The user pulls out the slider part, adjusts it to the desired height, and puts the iPad in place. There are small notches on the back that grab on and hold the slider where the user wants it. This is hard to describe, but the following video, taken from the Rain Design web site, illustrates it better than trying to do it with words.

Click for Demo

Using the product

The product is very simple to use. Take it out of the box, slide out the slider and you are good to go. To move from typing move to viewing mode takes only one step., i.e., adjusting the slider to the appropriate length. The following image shows my iPad in viewing and typing mode.

Two views of iSlider in use

Although the web site proclaims the iSlider to be pocket size, I think this is a bit of an exaggeration. I certainly can’t fit it in my jeans pockets although very tall folks may be able to do so. It will, however, easily fit in a roomy iPad carrying bag such as the Waterfield Indy iPad Bag, or any of the bags that are now appearing that will hold both laptops and iPads.

Do I recommend it?

I do. I know people who really enjoy using Apple’s smart case and smart cover for their iPads, but the lack of a stand is frustrating to many of them and has forced some to look for other cases. They should be very happy to see a stand that caters to their needs.  In addition, the iSlider is well constructed and the design is compatible with Apple products.

Product: iSlider

Company: Rain Design

List Price: US$49.90



Folds for easy carrying and works with Apple smart cover and smart case to hold iPads and iPad minis for viewing or working.


None noted.