Rain Design Inc.’s Laptop Computer Stand Is Exceptional

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The mStand by Rain Design Inc. is a laptop stand that works with 13, 15, and 17-inch Mac laptops. It’s made from a single piece of aluminum and weighs approximately 2.5 pounds which provides excellent stability. It is 5.9-in. at the highest point, 7.5-in, deep, and 10-in wide. There is a large hole on the back side of the stand to allow cables to flow through neatly.

The mStand 

As is clear from the image, the top is tilted up which increases the screen height by 6-in. This design is intended to bring the screen closer, improve airflow around the laptop, and provide better ergonomics.

The mStand in use

Those who use external keyboards will find that they can easily be stashed in the open space under the laptop when not in use.

The MSRP for the mStand is US$49.90. I found it on several locations on the web, but prices only varied by two to three US dollars. However, some places offered free shipping which should be a consideration considering the weight of the product.

Using the product

Obviously the only set up needed is to run any necessary cables through the hole provided.  Well, unless you are a neat freak like me, then you first have to dust and clean your whole desk, but lets not go there, okay? The stand has rubberized feet on the bottom and the top so it stays put on my desk and my 15-in. laptop stays put on the stand.

The extra height provided by the design does make a difference and I was able to sit up straighter when using this stand. The finish on the mStand almost exactly matches that of my MacBook Pro and the two products look very nice together. I use an external keyboard with my laptop, but I tested the stand using just my laptop keyboard and had no problems with shakiness, or movement while working. I do like the feature that allows me to slide my keyboard underneath the laptop when not in use. It just gives me extra room for small tasks like writing checks.

Do I recommend it? 

I do. I think this is a very fine product. It’s sleek, well designed, goes well with any Mac, is ergonomically beneficial, reasonably priced, and most important, it makes a good stand.


Product: mStand

Company: Rain Design, Inc.

List Price: US$49.90



Sleek, well designed, ergonomically beneficial, reasonably priced and sturdy laptop stand.



None noted.

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My wife and I have been using this stand since buying them three years ago at Macworld and they are everything Nancy says. We have them set-up immediately to the left of our Apple LED Cinema displays which result in the MacBook Pro screens being at nearly the same elevation which is terrific when browsing, mousing and dragging from one screen to the other. Highly recommended!


agreed, great stands for laptops. we have 6 or so in our office for laptop users, all with wireless keyboards and mice


These do not work well with the new MacBook Airs and their tapered front.  If you close the lid on the Air the lip on the end of the stand makes it hard to open and it also rubs against the Air.  Too bad because i would like to get one for my Air.

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