Reverb Wicked Audio Headphones: Good Sound - Cheap Price

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I was surprised when I went to the home website for Empire Brands and could not find links to their line of headphones. I was looking for price and warranty information, but was able to find it elsewhere.

Nevertheless, the company really does produce these headphones, which are called Reverb and branded Wicked Audio. They are quite a sight to see. The bright blue and black design is meant to represent a street scene. The wide black head piece is stamped with a white stylized “Wicked” logo. The ear pieces themselves are quite large, which should be good news to anyone who has trouble finding headphones that will cover their ears.  

Reverb Wicked Audio Headphones

The MSRP is $30. Using the SnapTell app on my iPhone, I found it for less than that on and a few other Internet sites.

The cord length is 4 feet and there is an additional 6 feet included in the form of an extension cord.  The plugs are gold plated and there is a lifetime warranty.

Using the Product

I tested the headphones using my MacBook Pro, my iPhone 4, and my iPod nano 5. For the price point, these headphones have really good sound, particularly for stereo. I will also note here, that despite the fact that these headphones are obviously designed for the hip, young generation, they survived my Willie Nelson music just fine.

Do I Recommend It?

I do. Probably not for your Great Aunt Charlotte. They are probably too heavy for her to wear.  But for teens and up, these are ideal. Good sound, cool design, and reasonable price. I really did enjoy the stereo.

Product: Reverb Headphones by Wicked Audio

Company: Empire Brands

List Price: $30



Good sound, good stereo, large ear covers, good price, and solid plastic make these a good buy for the rough and tumble teen and young adult set.



The size of this product makes it unsuitable for children or others with small heads. Either group will have a difficult time keeping the product in place.


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Lee Dronick

Nancy, do these have a 3.5mm “miniplug” that plugs directly into an iPod, iPhone, or similar device? I am pretty sure that they do, just checking. Empire Brands has some good and some bad navigation on their website. Further more as you pointed out info can be sparse.

I currently have and use a beastly pair of stereo headphones that I bought in the early 1980s. They cover the ears and do a good job of blocking out ambient noise. However, they came with the 1/4 inch jack and I need an adapter when using them with an iPod or audio out on my Macs. They are also getting pretty ratty so I am looking for a replacement.

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