reviveLITE II Docking Travel Charger for iPod and iPhone

This is a great little product. I saw it at Macworld and was pleased when I was asked to review it. It is a charger for iPods and iPhones that will go anywhere and only requires a wall socket to work.

Using The Product

Folded up the unit fits in my hand, and I have small hands. To use it you pull out the electric plug from the recess on the back and plug it in. Then flip down the iPod/ iPhone holder in the front and secure your instrument of choice for charging. The flip down portion is spring loaded so it will hold your product no matter the size. I tested it with an iPhone 3Gs and a 3rd Generation iPod Nano. It held both firmly in place while recharging.

The unit also has a night light which can be turned on with a button on the left side. On the right side is a standard USB port so a second product can also be charged at the same time as your phone or iPod.

Once everything is charged and you remove your phone or iPod, you unplug the unit, fold the plug back into the recess, toss the unit into your backpack or luggage or whatever works for you.

The Bottom Line

This small, lightweight, charger is well designed and does what it is intended to do.  I recommend it.

The Basics

Product: reviveLITE II Docking Travel Charger for iPod and iPhone
Manufacturer: Scosche  
Colors: Black
Price: $24.95
Size: 2.5” x 2” x 2”
Requires: Standard 100-240v AC outlet
Warranty: 1 Year
Works With: iPhone (all versions), iPod (all versions), iPod touch (all versions)

Product: reviveLITE II Docking Travel Charger for iPod and iPhone

Company: Scosche

List Price: $29.95



A travel charger that works with the entire line of current iPod and iPhone products, folds for easy transporting, and also has a USB port that allows for additional charging.



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