Richard Solo 1800 Backup Battery Kit

Richard Solo was one of the first companies to design and sell a backup battery for iPhones and now they have introduced a new version, the RS1800, which comes complete with several accessories. 


The newest model, Richard Solo 1800 (RS1800), works with the iPhone (all versions), iPod touch (all versions) iPod classic, iPod 5th generation (video), iPod nano, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, generation. It comes with the battery itself, an AC wall charter, 2-port USB car charger, a retractable USB charging cable, Mini-USB cable. for those interested, it also works with BlackBerry and most other Smartphones.
For the gadget lover in you, the device also includes a built-in laser and a separate built-in flashlight.


Richard Solo 1800

Using the Unit 

As with any backup charger, it is necessary to charge the RS1800 eight hours from the wall outlet using the AC wall charger and retractable cable before you use it for the first time. After that, charge as needed.  When fully charged, it will completely charge your iPhone back to a full charge with some charge still left in the 1800. You can use your phone with the RS1800 plugged in. 

You can also charge both your phone and the RS1800 together over night so that both are fully charged for the new day.

The RS1800 only weighs 2.3 oz so it is very light weight. It is also very sleek and stylish, especially when compared to the earlier Richard Solo 1200 which looks like what it is, a battery pack. At the same time, it is 4 inches long so, in my opinion, it is not really designed to attach to your phone and carry around while you talk. One reason for all the charge attachments for car, wall, and USB outlet, is to allow you to keep your phone charged as the opportunity presents itself. The company suggests that it be used in short intervals throughout the day to keep your unit at maximum charge.

One more thing about charging. There are three LED charge lights on the front of the unit. A solid blue LED indicates that the RS1800 is connected to your device and charging. The green LED (middle light) flashes when the RS1800 is connected to a power source and is charging. The light is solid when the unit is fully charged. If you see the bottom LED flashing red that means your RS1800 is below 10% charge.

There is an On/Off switch on the back of the RS1800. When it is in the “On” position you can use both the laser and light function. While the laser does make an excellent cat toy, it can also be used for more professional purposes. My cat is perfectly content that it be used as a toy. The light, though tiny, is very bright. In fact, I used it to find my missing diamond stud that said cat had flicked out of my nightstand drawer and taken under the bed to bat around. In earlier versions of the Richard Solo battery the light would stay on until turned off. In the RS1800 you must hold down the light button constantly. This may be related to the addition of the laser, but it is a feature I miss in this new version.

The Bottom Line

Many people do not like the kind of iPhone battery that comes as part of a case that fits around their phone. They find them to be too bulky for their personal needs and they also want to be able to recharge their other Apple products, not just their phones. For them, this is the perfect product. The inclusion of four attachments for easy recharge certainly adds to the value and makes it good buy financially. I like this updated RS1800.

The Basics

Product: 1800 Backup Battery Kit  
Company: Richard Solo  
Colors: Black
Price: $69.95, discounts for 2 or more
Works With: iPhone (all versions), iPod touch (all versions) iPod classic, iPod 5th generation (video), iPod nano, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, generation.
Included in the Kit: Battery, AC wall charter, 2-port USB car charger, Retractable USB charging cable, Mini-USB cable for Apple
Also Works With: BlackBerry and most other Smartphones
Warranty: One year
Battery Charge Time: from 0 to 100% in about 5 hours
Instruction Manual: Available on-line  
Battery Weight: 2.3 oz

Product: Richard Solo 1800 Backup Battery Kit

Company: Richard Solo

List Price: $69.95

Vendor Price: $40.99



Light weight but sturdy battery charger works with all current apple products except the Shuffle.  Package includes 4 attachments for easy recharging.  Allows users to keep their stylish cases and still recharge batteries as needed.



Must hold down the light and laser button continuously to use them.