Rokform Sport v3 Case for iPhone 6: Serious Protection and Mobile Options

There is no way around it. Most any case for the iPhone will change its look, feel and heft. The question is, given that you want some good protection, what kinds of options do you want? Rokform provides a boatload.


There are many different philosophies of iPhone case design. Some are almost decorative in their lightweight attempt to let the essence of the iPhone shine through. Others take a serious approach to iPhone protection. This case takes the second approach.

Design Philosophy

What's interesting about this Rokform Sport v3 Mountable case is that it doesn't go halfway. It's part of a thoughtful system and an overall design for active users.

1. There is the Rokform Mounting System (RMS). There is a insert supplied with this case that attaches to the RMS systems, say, a windshield or bicycle mount. (See below.)

2. There is a second insert for a magnetic dash mounting system. A small magnet is attached with a 3M "VHB" adhesive to the dash of your car. A corresponding magnet in the case keeps it there. (Rokform notes that the magnet may interfere with NFC operability.) These magnets are strong, and I doubt an iPhone will ever fall off the dash. Finally, the 3M adhesive on the magnet feels strong and sticky, but not something, I surmise, that would permanently mar your car's dashboard when removed. YMMV.

Two different inserts provided. Or use neither.

3. There is a 7-inch lanyard supplied. I have never seen this with an iPhone case, and I like it. Uses include extra security for bicycle handlebars, assistance with pulling it out of a bag, or as the extra security of a wrist strap, say, when on an amusement park ride or shopping.

The extra attention paid to the active user is evident.

The Case Itself

The case itself is a one piece blend of a softer inner liner (TPU) and an outer polycarbonate shell. The weight with the RMS insert (but no lanyard) is 49.6 grams (1.75 ounces). The iPhone 6 with case is now 12.5 mm thick instead of 6.9 mm. There are five color options: Black/black, black/gunmetal, black/red, white/gunmetal and orange/gunmetal. The latter is the one reviewed here.

Unlike the Rokform Fuzion+ case for the iPhone 5s, reviewed previously, this case is easy to apply and remove.

Aesthetics and Use

This case will transform your iPhone 6 from something thin, light and curvy into a fortress. It's like having a rubber brick in your hand, and I mean that in a good sense. After all, if you're an active person who wants to protect your beautiful and valuable iPhone 6 while outdoors, this case is a great choice. (There is a corresponding model case for the iPhone 6 Plus.)

Because the case goes on securely but is fairly easy to remove, it's a realistic option to think about removing the case when in the office or at home.

By the way, I've reviewed a lot of iPhone cases, and it's a real art and science to design a case that has material properties such that it won't slide off, but also won't break a fingernail or damage the iPhone when trying to remove it. This one has the right stuff.

One nice thing is that the aperture for the RMS mounting reveals the Apple logo when not mounted. That's good design. Also the design of this case provides good protection of the camera lens, both modest sun-shading and stray light absorption.

Because the iPhone 6 display goes all the way to the edges, a protective case has to strike a balance between strength and the extent to which it wraps around. Fortunately, Apple vignettes the edge of the display ever so slightly to allow an effective wrap around.

One minor negative is the stiffness of the material over the on/off/sleep button and the volume buttons. (The mute button is uncovered by necessity.) It's not a thumb buster, but I have evaluated cases where that push is a bit easier on the fingers. On the plus side, you're not likely put the iPhone to sleep while changing the volume.

Or you can go insert free. The two small slots are for the lanyard.

All in all, this reasonably soft, very protective case has, in my experience, the likelihood of both protecting the iPhone in a drop to a hard surface and coming through, itself, unscathed. (Rokform states that they've done 6 foot drop testing.) Also, the extra rigidity could make the difference between a bent iPhone and a working iPhone if you happen to have it in a back jeans pocket and sit down smartly. 

Packaging and Docs

You get a lot of stuff for your money with this US$39 case. The photo below shows all that comes in the package.

Package contents - not including quick ref. card. (Black/black version)

Left to right: Outer packaging, inner tray which holds the two inserts and the mounting magnet, an alcohol cleaning pad, the lanyard and the case itself. I should note that the magnet can be removed from the magnet insert. In that mode, there's no NFC interference and the iPhone is fully protected—there's no opening for the Apple logo.

Also included is a quick reference card that fully explains how to use the two inserts. The alcohol cleaning pad is used to clean any surface to which the magnet's adhesive will be applied.

The downside here is that this case includes several small pieces: inserts, magnets, lanyard, and quick reference card. So it's advisable to keep everything collected in the original package.


As I mentioned above, Rokform has a good selection of compatible RMS accessories. I noted a Sport Clip, a bicycle mounting system, windshield mount and an armband.

Just one of the optional accessories: car windshield mount


This Rokform Sport v3 is a lot of case for the money, making the price extremely competitive. It includes essentials for the active life. It knows what it's all about, and a vain effort to preserve the beauty of a caseless iPhone 6 is not on the list. It's part of a well thought out system with many accessories for the mobile user. This case is easy to apply and remove, and the five color schemes are attractive.

WIth magnet insert and dash mounted magnet.

My iPhone 6, which fits nicely into the belt holster I used for the iPhone 5s along with slim cases, no longer fits with this case on, but that's to be expected. I'm planning for a bigger, nerdier belt holster anyway. Along those lines of how to carry this combo, I don't recommend using the Rokform Sport Clip as a belt clip, but if used correctly, it can assist with securing, then pulling the iPhone 6 out of a front pocket. A Rokform video demonstrates the proper use.

This case exhibits virtually none of the "cons" I experienced with the Rokform Fuzion+ aluminum case. Because of its thoughtful design, ample protection, included extras, available accessories, good quick ref card and a very competitive price, it earns a 4/5 rating.

Product: Sport v3 (Mountable) for iPhone 6

Company: Rokform

List Price: US$39.00



Rugged Polycarbonate shell with soft lining, five two-tone color schemes, two inserts for RMS or magentic mounting, easy to apply and remove, lanyard included, good quick reference card, very good price. 


Sleep and volume buttons well protected but slightly hard to push. Otherwise, none noted.