Satechi LED Desk Lamp: Cool, Glare-free and Adjustable Illumination

The new, flexible LED Desk Lamp from Satechi provides five brightness levels and includes a USB port on the base that will charge phones and tablets. It's available in brushed silver color.

This desk lamp is adjustable thanks to a flexible neck. It can bend left, right, and up and down which gives users control of the light direction.  It also includes five levels of illumination: 1100, 800, 500, 300 and about 100 lux. The lamp plugs into a standard wall socket.

The base is touch sensitive, and the light is turned on and off with the touch of a finger. To adjust the brightness users hold down their finger until the desired level is achieved. The changes in brightness are instantaneous. The lifespan of the LEDs is over 40,000 hours, according to Satechi.

Satachi LED desk lamp

The USB port located on the base is a value added feature. It will charge smartphones, tablets, and other devices that use a USB charging port. The port provides 5 volts at 1.5 amps. The height will depend on the level of bending, but in a normal use mode it is about 14-in (36 cm) high.

Lamp charges smartphones and tablets

Using The Product

My office has no windows so lighting is an important feature for me. Most desk lamps that I have tried have, at most, two levels of brightness, hot bulbs, and they create a glare on my monitor screen that makes them useless.

The adjustable neck and the long "light bulb” give me all the control and focus I need to make good use of this lamp. It really does work with just a touch of your finger, and adjusting the brightness is a snap. The LEDs provide steady, flicker-free lighting, and I don’t have to fear getting burned if I touch the bulb area. The touch sensitivity is excellent, and it only takes a small amount of finger pressure to operate it. The footprint on my desk is a five inch circle, and the lamp makes an attractive addition to my desk.

The USB port is a nice asset, and it charged my iPhone 5s from 50 percent to 100 percent in about half an hour.

Finger pressure to base turns the lamp on and off, and adjusts brightness

Do I Recommend It? 

I do. This is an extremely useful lamp and although designed for desk use, it can be adapted to other settings that require bright light that is focused. An example is using it as a reading lamp in the same room where someone else is watching TV.

Product: LED Desk Lamp

Company: Satechi

List Price: US$59.99



LED light provides bendable neck and five brightness levels. Includes a USB port that will charge smartphones and tablets. Attractive accessory in brushed silver color with small footprint.


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