Satechi’s BT Lite Headphones Let You Roam

Satechi’s BL Lite Headphones give you a lightweight, over-the-head set of Bluetooth headphones that work with all your iOS devices that accept pairing.

Satechi BT Lite Headphones

The design of these headphones is somewhat retro with a wide, horseshoe shaped headband. The headband is adjustable. The earpiece is rectangular and very soft. The headphones include a rechargeable lithium-ion battery with up to six hours playback/talk time. The technology also includes digital signal processing (DSP) technology with noise cancellation and echo suppression.

Controls and earpieces

All of the controls are in the right earpiece. On the main side are track reverse, track forward, and multi-function buttons that let the user pause/play and pickup/end. On the thin edge of that same earpiece are volume control, power switch, microphone, and the microUSB port needed to charge the internal battery. A microUSB cable is included. All of this is best illustrated with the following image.


Using the product

The headband on the BT Lite was a very comfortable fit for me, but I have some concern that it would not fit well on anyone with a large head. The sound was terrific and although the plan would be to put your iOS device in your pocket and walk around, I checked out how far away I could go before the sound started missing. After all, my iPad doesn’t fit in my pocket. I was able to get approximately 23 feet, around corners and through walls before I had problems. Let me rephrase that just so we are all clear. The music went through walls. I had to walk around them the old fashioned way.

The results with music were excellent. The results with speaking were not quite so good. I could hear the person on the line quite well, but they said they could not always understand me. It could have just been my voice quality. It was very easy to switch from music to voice.

Do I recommend it?

I do. It is not often one can find very good Bluetooth headphones for under US$50 and combine that with a reputable company like Satechi and you have a winner. At the time of this writing this product is on sale on the company web site.

Product: BT Lite Headphones

Company: Saechi

List Price: US$59.99

Vendor Price: US$44.99



Bluetooth headphones work with all iPhones and iPads, providing good sound and ability to make and receive calls.


Sound quality on voice calls is not the best.