Scarf iPhone 6/6 Plus Case is Thin as a Fingernail

Totallee has introduced The Scarf case for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. It's as thin as a fingernail, about 0.01 inch (0.35 mm), has a see-through back that displays the Apple logo, and the textured, polypropylene, surface that provides a firm grip. 

The Scarf iPhone 6/6 Plus case (white)

The case is flexible and it is easy to insert and remove the phone. It provides scratch, dirt, and bump protection. The price for either size is US$14.99. It weighs 0.2 ounces (5.7 grams). The case is available in gold, black or white and there is a 60-day warranty. Despite the nominal "colors", the case remains generally transparent, an interesting effect. The photo above is the white version.

Case is available in three color choices.

Using the Product

It's very easy to insert and remove the iPhone. The ports are open and lined up perfectly. There is enough protection around the ringer on/off button to prevent accidental switching. The case is thinner than the protruding camera lens so there is no problem with shadowing.The inside of the case is cushiony so that it does not scratch the phone. The case works well with with a glass screen protector, but no screen protector is included with the case.

The packaging is quite simple, consisting of a thin, clear, inexpensive, plastic box with a stick-on label that contains the URL for the company web site. Customers cannot feel the surface of the case which is too bad because the feel of the case is one of its strong points. It is clear that the company has made the cost of the case an important element, and the packaging reflects that.

This is a very pleasant case to carry around. That may sound like a mushy description, but every time I pick it up, I enjoy the feel of the case. It fits nicely in my hand and the grip is firm. Certainly the thinness is an important point and the phone easily slips in and out of pockets. I noticed that in my jeans pockets the iPhone 6 slips down to the bottom of the pocket where is sits securely. 

Do I Recommend it?

I do. It certainly presents with a reasonable price and yet it feels sturdy and secure when on my phone. The ability to see the Apple logo is always a nice touch. I wouldn’t want to use this case on a construction site, but for most of us that is not an issue. It is just a very nice, reasonably priced, thin case with a good grip and for some that is all we need.

Product: The Scarf

Company: Totallee

List Price: US$14.99



Extremely thin case provides scratch and dust protection. Case is reasonably priced and easy to hold and use.


May not be sufficient for more rugged environments.