STM Harbour iPhone 6 Case is Colorful, Lightweight and Inexpensive

STM has released the Harbour case for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. I am reviewing the iPhone 6 version.

Harbour case for iPhone 6.

The case is composed of dual density thermo polyurethane which provides protection for drops and scratches. It is sleek and lightweight: 1.28 ounces ( 36 grams). The primary feature of this case is the hinged bottom which allows the phone to be docked without removing it from the case. This feature also provides a vertical stand. (See below.)

Case features a hinged flip that provides a vertical stand and allows for docking.

The case is available in four matte color combinations: black &charcoal, green & yellow, red & red, and charcoal & blue. The Apple logo is hidden once the case is in place. The MSRP is US$24.95, but I found it on Amazon  for US$20.17. The case includes a one year limited warranty. The company’s URL is available on the package.

Available colors.

Using The Product

It is very easy to insert or remove the iPhone 6 from the case. And speaking of easy, you do not have to have a chain saw or stick of dynamite to get the case out of the package. Once you remove the sticker that holds the front of the package to the back, you just flip open the package front and take out the case. The packaging allows you to look at the case before you purchase it, but the ability to feel the case is not a feature. 

The openings for ports and the camera are good size and the black & charcoal case has a black rim around the camera port that absorbs reflections. The other colors do not have this. All three of the iPhone 6 buttons are covered but easy to use. The ringer on/off opening is recessed enough to prevent anyone from accidentally flipping the mute switch.  

The case has a front rim that folds around the front of the case and the case fits a phone with a tempered glass screen protector. I would characterize the level of protection as good as long as the phone doesn’t land face down or hit a sharp corner while falling. The case is sturdy and easy to hold on to. 

Front view.

The bottom of the case flips open. This allows easy insertion and removal of the phone. It also allows easy placement on a charging dock. The flip also serves as a vertical stand and it works quite nicely in that capacity.  I left my phone, wearing the case, in the vertical stand position over night and it held its place nicely.  The hinge is made by reducing the thickness of the case, but the material is so strong and sturdy that I think the hinge will continue to function for the life of the case.

View of the hinge from the inside of the case.

Do I Recommend It?

I do. It is certainly a reasonably priced case (especially at Amazon) and compares well to cases that are more expensive. It is easy to insert and remove the phone and the phone can be docked by simply flipping open the bottom hinge. It is easy to hold, doesn’t slip, and is quite thin which makes it easy to carry in a pocket. It is a very sturdy case. And, it gets extra points for the ease with which it can be removed from the package.

Product: Harbour Case For iPhone 6

Company: STM

List Price: US$24.95



Inexpensive, but sturdy case is easy to carry and hold. It features a flip hinge on the bottom that allows for easy docking. The hinge also functions as a vertical stand. It is very lightweight, yet the case is very strong.


Does not meet military standards for drops.