Suspend Your iPhone in Mid-Air with iPEVO Articulating Stand

The new Articulating Video Stand for iPhone and iPod touch from IPEVO is a well designed and useful stand that allows users to record video, chat, watch video and create intricate images. The iPhone or touch remains stable and the stand can be manipulated in any number of angles to benefit the user.

Articulating Video Stand for iPhone and iPod touch.

The stand features a weighted base and a unique spring-loaded iPhone or touch grip that holds the device securely in place while leaving a clear field for the camera. There is also a cord hook that will keep the cable out of the way when the device requires charging during a photo session. It's available in black or white.

Camera has a clear field for photos.

The stand is very well constructed. The joints are securely attached and hold the iPhone or touch exactly where the user wants it.

The Packaging

The package for the Articulating Video Stand is not particularly attractive, but the stand arrives tightly packaged and in perfect condition. 

Using The Product

I really like this product because it is so useful and well designed. I took closeup photos of drawings that I was able to lay flat on a table to make images.  I also used it to record a short video of a baby playing. In this situation the baby remained in one place so it was easy to set up the device to achieve my goals. I easily placed the stand so that the iPhone camera was only four inches from the table surface.

Versitility of placement options support close up images.

My third test was to use the stand to simply watch a video.  When open to full height the stand is approximately 16 inches (41 cm.) tall, so it sat nicely on a table for comfortable viewing.

One of iPEVO's use cases.

Do I Recommend It?

I do. It is a well crafted and well designed tool that is a boon to anyone who routinely uses their iPhone or iPod touch to create training videos or images that benefit from a close up view.  When combined with, say, one of olloclip's Macro lenses, it can allow the iPhone to work as a low-power digital microscope.

Product: Articulating Video Stand for iPhone and iPod touch

Company: IPEVO

List Price: US$69.00



Well crafted and well designed stand that allows users to take photos or videos using an iPhone or iPod touch. The versatility of the articulating arms provide a wide range of options for placement. Users don’t have to worry about their device moving during a shot.


None noted.