Swivel Pro iPad Case Leaves No One Out

It is quite apparent that US+U set out to design an iPad case that could be all things to all people. In fact, the designer actually involved focus groups in the design process. The end result of all this planning is the Swivel Pro™ 3 panel. A one panel and a two panel version will be released in the near future.

Swivel Pro 3 panel iPad case

The case is made from man-made leather. The inside is fully covered with a micro-fiber suede. Features include a 360 degree rotating handle that allows for one-handed use, a kickstand to angle the case for typing, and a notch for propping the iPad’s screen at an angle suitable for watching videos.

The third panel provides extra screen protection, and it also contains a pocket that will hold notes and papers. There is an easy to reach pen holder, an oversized protective flap that holds the iPad in place, and a tab pocket that secures the case when it is being used in hand mode. In addition to expected openings for docking, speakers, etc., this case also has an opening for the light sensor.

The MSRP for the Swivel Pro™ 3 panel is US$69.99 and it is available from the company web site with free shipping. Three percent of the purchase price is donated to one of five charities listed on the site.

Using the product

The case is easier to use than it is to explain. Images probably provide a more comprehensive description than words.

Swivel Pro 3 panel iPad case in work mode

Swivel Pro 3 panel iPad case in watch mode

Swivel Pro 3 panel iPad case 360 degree rotating handle

Rotating handle in use

The user just folds and secures the case for whatever use is planned. When using the case in hand mode the right panel folds to the back, the left one folds over it, and the tab is pushed into the tab pocket which holds everything securely in place.

In both the “work” mode and the “watch” mode the case was sturdy and stable as long as it was on a stable surface. When the case is used to carry the iPad it provides two layers of protection and looks like an executive level iPad case.

Do I recommend it?

I do.  It is well made and well designed.  It is on the higher end of the price range for iPad cases, but it does offer several options for use and the 360 degree rotating handle for one-handed use is both comfortable and sturdy.

Product: Swivel Pro™ 3 panel

Company: US+U

List Price: US$69.99



Well made and well designed multiple use iPad case is an asset.



None noted.