TabGrip, A One Of A Kind iPad Case

Upon first sight you might not think that the TabGrip™ is an iPad case, but it is, in that it protects your iPad front and back. When inside the TabGrip, you can lay your iPad flat and neither the front or back will touch the surface. The composition is rubberized plastic, making it easy to install and remove the iPad.


It does more than that though. On each of the four sides there are ergonomic grips that allow for secure holding and handling. Within these grips are easy slide out stand legs that allow for standing and banking the iPad.

TabGrip used as a reader

TabGrip used for viewing

TabGrip used for working

The TabGrip weighs 0.25 pounds (114 g). The MSRP is US$49.99, but for a limited time it is available on the company web site for US$39.99.

Using the product

There are a couple of things that I really like about the TabGrip. The first is that I can hold my iPad in my hands to read, either portrait or landscape, and not only know that I have a firm grip, but that I am not going to accidentally touch any buttons that I don’t want to touch because I am clutching the sides of the actual iPad. If I had US$5.00 for every time I have accidentally exited out of my reading app by touching the wrong button, I would have half the cost of a new iPad 2.

The second is that with just a twist of my wrist I can fold the legs up or down to hold my iPad in place for working or viewing.

It is very easy to insert and remove the iPad from the TabGrip, but once the TabGrip is in place, it feels very tight and secure. I never felt that my iPad might fall out.

Do I recommend it? 

I do. It will work very well for reading and working, has a very small footprint, and is very lightweight. In addition to the usual uses for this kind of accessory, I would recommend that parents of young children consider it for iPads being used by their kids, as the grips would add an element of protection for the iPad.

Product: TabGrip

Company: TabGrip

List Price: US$49.99



The TabGrip™ is part case, part stand, part holder. On each of the four sides there are ergonomic grips that allow for secure holding and handling.



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