Tango Case for iPhone 3GS

This slip-in style iPhone case comes with a special extra - an attached Pogo Stylus. For those who prefer using the stylus when communicating or playing games on their iPhone, this extra is a real benefit. I happen to be one of those people and I am forever looking around for my Pogo when I want to play a game or quickly type in an email or a text message. I like having my stylus right at hand.


Tango Case with Pogo Stylus         Back View of Tango Case

The outside of the case is soft black leather with two storage pockets on the back to hold cards. There is a clip on one side that holds the black Pogo Stylus which usually sells for $15. The inside is microsuede and comes in either aqua or lime. There are matching color accents on the outside of the case.

Inside the case are four clip holders, one at each corner, that hold the phone in place. To use the phone you just unsnap the fastener on the outside and open the front of the case. It is not necessary to remove the phone to use it. I carried this case for a week to see if it was difficult to use or slowed my access to my phone. Other than the fact that it did not fit well in my jeans pocket because I am so short, (meaning short pockets) it presented no challenges at all.

Tango Case with Front Flap Open

The Bottom Line

This is an attractive case that offers ease of use plus the extra attraction of a Pogo Stylus always at hand. At $39.95 the price is competitive with other cases that do not include the stylus. The case works with both the iPhone 3G and the 3Gs.

The Basics


Company: Ten One Design  
Price: $39.95
Colors: Black/Aqua, Black/Lime
Package Includes: One Case and One Pogo Stylus
Works With: iPhone 3G (8GB and 16GB) and iPhone 3GS (16GB and 32GB)

Product: Tango Case for iPhone 3GS

Company: Ten One Design

List Price: $39.95



Sturdy and stylish case composed of leather and microsuede provides good protection for iPhones. Product also includes a $15 Pogo Stylus which fastens to the case with a clip. Phone can be used without removing from the case. Style appropriate for either men or women. Price is competitive.



Case may not fit well in the front pockets of some jeans or pants.