Tankbot by DeskPets is a Hoot

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DeskPets has released several desk-type toys and the Tankbot is their latest creation.  It works on its own or remotely controlled with an iPhone, iPod, or iPad. The MSRP is US$25.00 and is available in orange, lime green, blue, and gray.  

Tankbot color choices

To take advantage of the remote control aspects of the Tankbot users must download the free DeskPets app from the App Store. Here’s the icon, so you’ll recognize it.

DeskPets app icon

Using the product

Rather than try to describe it, I made a video.

Tankbot Review from The Mac Observer on Vimeo.

Do I recommend it?

I do.  If nothing else, get it for the dads, uncles, and grown up cousins so they will have their own toys on Christmas morning.  They really don’t want any more ties.

Product: Tankbot

Company: DeskPets

List Price: US$25.00



Toy works with iPhone, iPod, and iPad, fun to use.


None noted.

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Nancy ~ Do I detect a little residual Southern accent?  You sound like my Mom, who was born an raised in South Boston, Virgina, but has lived all of her adult life in the North, or on the Left Coast.

Nancy with Bifocals

Indeed you do.  I was born in Georgia and my parents retained their Georgia accents until their deaths.  At this point, mine is probably more Texan, but the south does come out.  The Georgia accent is beautiful and I wish I had retained more of it.

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