Texas Tea for the iPhone and iPod touch

If you prefer iPhone games that challenge your mind rather than how fast you can shoot, I encourage you to take a look at Texas Tea.

The Premise
The player must match dice using typical poker hands to clear the game boards to make their way across Texas from El Paso to Austin for the big finale! Each game board is timed.

Playing the Game
I have played both Bejeweled and Trism and this game is similar in nature, but with the added element of the poker hands which I think makes it more interesting. The better the poker hand you find, the higher your score, naturally, but at the same time, you are playing a timed game so you don't have a lot of time to hunt for the perfect hands.

There are wild cards, but there are fewer of them as you progress. There are also sticks of dynamite that you can use to remove a die when you have no other option (match) available to you.

Sample Game Level

When you fail to complete a level and move through a city you must start over with that level. To complete a level you must have a black background behind all the dice. The black background represents oil which in Texas parlance is also known as "Texas Tea." (Remember The Beverly Hillbillies?)

Partially Completed Level

You may play against yourself, achieving the highest score you can, or you can play against others on-line.

This is a fun game to play when you have a few minutes to relax or want to engage a friend in some friendly or not so friendly competition. I enjoyed the poker element primarily because it allowed more choices than other games of a similar nature.

The Bottom Line
This is an engaging iPhone application. It is well designed and fun to play, offering individual or team play opportunities.

Product: Texas Tea

Company: Snakehead Software

List Price: $1.99



Well designed, fun to play, and engaging iPhone application that can entertain over a long period of time.


None identified.