ThankYouPro App Creates & Mails Elegant Cards

ThankYouPro from Zendoa LLC is a new app, available from the iTunes app store. The app is free but there is a charge of US$2.99 for each card they mail for you.

ThankYouPro icon

It is found in the Lifestyle category and was updated June 4, 2012. It is available in English only and requires iOS 4.2 or greater. It works with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. 

The app offers over 20 card designs from casual to formal. You also can create your own from a photograph or image.

Using the product

The first time you open the app, you will be asked to register with an email address and to select a password. From there you can begin to design a card. The designs that are included with the app are quite nice. There are designs that are suitable for business use and for personal use. Some say “thank you” on them, but many do not which makes them appropriate for various uses.

The first step will be to either choose a design from the app, choose something from your iPhoto library, or take a photo. Your options are easily found across the bottom of the window. Once you have designed the front, click on the Write Note button. (The button on the top left will show you a list of all the cards you have previously created and saved.)


Choosing a card design

The next step is to create the text content of your card, and in this area you also have multiple choices, from font to font color to alignment. In the following example you will notice two gray options, one for adding a signature and one for adding a logo. In this example I have ignored those options and just clicked the Send It button. The two options will not show up on the printed card.

Selecting style and entering text

When you get to the Send It option, you get two screens, one for the return address and one for the addressee. You complete each one and hit the Done button. You can send by postal mail, email, share on Facebook, or save. Once you have entered addresses and return addresses they will be saved so that you don’t have to reenter them. If you are sending to someone in your address book, you can pull the information from there. When you are ready to send your card you are asked to purchase stamps. You can purchase as few or as many at one time as you wish. The first card you send will be free which gives you a good opportunity to check out the app.

Intering the to information screen

About those gray options on the note window. If you want to add a signature, tap on the signature box and a new screen will open that lets you create your signature. There is an erase option so you can practice until you are happy with your work. Your signature will be saved. Tap on the logo option and you can enter a logo or other selection from your iPhoto library.

Adding signatures and logos

Do I recommend it?

I do. The cards are beautiful and appropriate for business use, for formal occasions such as weddings or funerals, or for invitations or announcements. The price is also reasonable when you factor in the price of purchasing cards and postage at a store. And, the app is very, very easy to use.

Product: ThankYouPro

Company: Zendoa LLC

List Price: App is free, but $2.99 per card.



Excellent program for creating and mailing individualized cards for thanks and invitations


None noted