The Crystal iPad Folio - It’s Truly Different

On January 15th LapWorks will introduce the Crystal iPad Folio. It is completely transparent and made from shatterproof polycarbonate plastic, the same material used to make bulletproof glass.  

Lapworks Crystal iPad Folio

The iPad is completely covered except for the necessary port openings, and the first thing I noticed is the openings are designed in such a way that changes in the next version of the iPad will probably work just fine with this case — although no such claims are made.

The top and bottom panels are joined with a hinge that rotates 360 degrees on a stainless steel hinge pin that allows the top panel to rotate completely around 180 degrees to become the support arm that positions the iPad’s screen for hands-free landscape or portrait viewing. This is really cool. This hinge also provides a grip handle when needed.

Folio in standing position

The top panel can go from support arm mode to folding completely flat against the bottom panel so the iPad lies flat for tabletop use. There are non-slip silicone bumpers on both panels. There are two clip fasteners on the side opposite the hinges.

The MSRP is US$39.95 and the product is currently available only through the LapWorks web site. 

Using the product 

The Crystal iPad Folio is easy to use.  You just lay your iPad in the case and snap the two closures. Although the case is completely clear, the case is thick and sturdy.  More than once I found myself starting to use my iPad without realizing it was in the case because it really is crystal clear. The rotating hinge works smoothly and efficiently.  It rotates 180 degrees and easily becomes a stand. There is also, I must admit, a certain feeling of satisfaction in carrying my iPad around in such a way that everyone can see that it is the real thing, not one of the many, many copycats that seem to be popping up everywhere. OK, so I am shallow. I still like it.

Do I recommend it?

I do.  It provides excellent coverage. It is light weight and it is easy to put the iPad in and remove it. I also like the fact that it will probably adapt easily to the next generation of iPad. Plus it is just cool.

Product: Crystal iPad Folio

Company: Lapworks, Inc.

List Price: US$39.95



iPad case provides excellent protection, is inexpensive, and attractive.


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